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Website design question

DJ Santos
How do you design website that only the refreshed page change
here's an example:

the menus doesn't refreshes, only a part on the bottom of it...

thanks for your tips.
By looking at the source of the page, we can only guess as to which of the many methods was used. It may appear that only the bottom content updated between page, but actually the entire page updates, and the headers are the same on all the pages.

Either the code behind the header was hand copied onto each html page, or the header is added to each page using an include (in php, asp, etc...).

This is a great page to learn from. Look at the source, steal the .css file and use it to learn how the html works. You can later ask around and see how this could have been done in php.
Well its easy using frames. In one frame you load the menu and in the other frame all the stuff that relates to the links . Well sure as separate html files. I mean you can open other html files in the frames. So try doing it with frames.
You can perform this through another way as well, similar to frames mentioned above. Basically, you want to use iframes, which are really helpful in these kinds of cases. Here is a good link and some help with regards to employing iframes.

THe code is available in the link above.

Basically, what you want to do is create a plain html page, and add all your content you want in it. For example, say you have a main page, and you have a link called "about us". You want this to open to the side of your website without refreshing the whole website. Make an html file, called about.html with your content. Save it. Then using the code above,you can apply it.
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