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Moonies money making guide for World of warcaft. *Hint*

Frequently I hear people telling how they haven't got enough money for item X/ skill x/ mount/ booze. Yet, after a bit of help from a kind friend that gave me 4 runecloth bags and a couple gold coins, my paladin alt of L23 currently has: Best non-blue gear money can buy; fully upgraded skills and 35 gold. And I have to admit, I didn't even go to full extent of money-gathering, this simply came alongside levelling.

This had been achieved quite simply: I simply AHed anything that I saw as an item someone would wish to buy at a price I would have bought the items myself. One would be surprised how much you can get from a bagful of L5-L16 green items and shoulder pads of any colour. Also, remember to set buyouts, and check others' prices on items of same/near level and similar properties. People might not bother buying your item for 10 silver when they can buy next level's item for same money and just wait a little with upgrades. Always watch and try to beat the competition. Sell useless items when you see them. Chains of the Whale, axes of the Eagle and other such items are often never bought, so, don't bother.

Now, obviously, that isn't all one ought to do in order to get "teh phat monny". Next step for me had been dual gathering. Mine was miner/skinner, though, to be honest, skinning doesn't bring much income until later. Light leather will not make you rich; it will give a bit of extra cash though, up to 40 silver per one stack; this largely depends on the current market prices. Now, things that you -will- find to be valueable are... Copper Bars and Rough Stone. The first are difficult to get only by a lazy miner (I'm not talking of non-miners, of course), the second drop a lot in DM. DM is, in fact, a great source of income. There, you find metals, stones, tons of green items and, another valueable commodity - cloth. Linen cloth and Wool cloth are -expensive-. Gather 'em, sell 'em, get rich fast.

Next, blue items. First of all, the "moderate values" don't apply here. You can charge much higher prices for blues (though do remember your finances at those levels, and even at your current one, and don't set crazy prices), normally a few golds for low-level blues; a good idea is to also check's entry for the item, as it contains the history of median prices and player comments, from which you can see how wanted the item is. A good example of making a good deal for me was selling a L27 dagger for 13 gold. Go figure... Apparently, on the Horde side, those actually go for 40, but I wasn't on the Horde, so 13 was actually pushing it a little.

Furthermore, one final advice. Do NOT sell the items when the market is full of same stuff. Wait til it empties up a bit. If you plan to start doing this sort of stuff, do post it somewhere, because if all guild rushes to make money, soon, the items will lose their value and you'll be left without a proper income. Then again, a price drop on many things would be welcome, but that's besides the point.

Furthermore, if you are interested in this stuff here, don't go dropping your professions right away to make way for money-making stuff... There's a million ways to fund yourself, and, to be honest, it's not even that greatly important in half the cases.

Hope this helps someone, and yes, I know it's obvious.
For the most part, I agree with you, but I'll add that depending on your class/race you may want to select different professions. Personally I'd never opt to make a Tauren hunter a miner. It's true enough that metals bring in good money, but you'd be wasting race/class abilities. In this instance, I wouldn't be a miner or herbalist, because it would mean giving up my tracking abilities. Herbalism would be better than nothing though, because of the +herbalism racial bonus of Tauren.

To sum it up, regardless of class/race herbalism/mining and skinning are the best money making tradeskills hands down. The question is, are you willing to sacrifice the overall effectiveness of your character to make money a bit faster?
...This game confuses me.
Well personally itve never played a tauren Hunter Razz.
But in that case i guess it would really be the best combination to have tracking/skinning.

Until recently though ive started looking through the ah and find stuff that are underpriced. Then i just buy it out and resell it with profit Smile

My wizard just turned 60 and i bought my epic mount for 800G. Still have 300 and stuff at ah for about 300 more atleast..
Money isn't a problem for me. You just have to know what professions you have to take. In the beginning, I suggest Mining/Skinning. You can earn lots of money at early levels by just selling stacks of copper/tin/bronze bars on the AH. At my server, a stack of copper bars sell around 80s-1g. If you sell it at the right times, even 1g20s. So this is a very easy way to earn lots of money.

I switched to Tailoring a time ago (I'm a warlock), and I've got 280 Tailroing skill right now. So, what do I do? Very simple, I learned how to make Mooncloth. It requires 2 Felcloth, which can be bough on AH for 75s a piece. I go make the Mooncloth, and sell it on the AH for at least 10g. Profit: At least 8g.

And of course, doing lots of dungeons, and AH'ing all good, non-useable green items you rolled.

ANother thing, check the AH for blue/purple stuff. If they're on a low price, buy them out. And sell it afterwards for a much higher price. One bought an epic for 30g. Selled it the other day for 80g.
You didnt read my post it seems.. Your reply has allmost the same info as my post. Razz

Anyway.... If your really wanna earn money.. Go look up the ui mod "Auctioneer" There you can have a quick overwiev of what items that are currently on sale below market price. Market prices tend to differ from realm to realm anyway. Alakazham isnt that accurate..
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