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Needs some opinions!

I need some opinions on how my site looks/navigation/etc! Thanks!
A little boxy feeling, but otherwise ok. Maybe some reworking of the borders can help that feeling.

Also, when clicking on a section, I would go to the menu rather than the introduction... or combine the two. Each section's intro looks identical, and you can't tell if there is content there.

Also, check for tags in your html that should prob be added to the style sheet. there are a few centers, font descriptors, and the like.
How long has your site been up for???? How do you have so many page loads/hits ???? I have tried everything on my site ( but only get link 20 visitors a day!
benjad: Okay. I'll keep that in mind. I don't add some stuff to the stylesheet because if I only use it once, I'm not too worried.

warallthetm: I just have it on my siggy on a few forums. The more I post, the more advertising I get! My site has been up for 1 month, but the counter has been working for 14 days. And it doesn't count me either. I only get about per day average of: 18 unique visitors
100 hits. I've worked a long time to get it into google and a few of the search engines. That's about it for advertising. This is the first site I've made that did this well *does happy dance*
EDIT: See this image to see why your site might not get super tons of hits...
Yes i know, my site only work with a certain resolution. I need to figure out a layout which is browser friendly....
Okay, i've gone through your website and these are my comment:

it's too empty. A bit work on the background should do it. Don't let it blank just like that. Fill it with some content or at least change the background colour. But I think you should put in some more contents especially for the front page, or just remove the blue thin-line border.

And.. one other thing.. since you title it as your web design guide, I think your website really needed to have a very good design. That'll put a lot of trust and confidence in visitors that you really have some good guides there. I'm not judging your content, as I don't even read them, but just a general view on the design in relation to the purpose of your website.

And..yeah.. i think it needs a little more on design. That'll make it much better.
its not bad. The layout is quite good. Im a friend of frames XD OVerall i think you could do some work on the background, or if you want to leave it white, make the other contents stand out more Wink
I would say that it is very nice and well made, and those tutorials will certanly come in handy! Wink

Nice job, keep it up! Laughing
pretty nice site. But... there are plenty sites with tutorials on them, why not just contributing to existing ones? (besides the obvious will to "run my own")
khairulsyahir: I know it's a bit empty. I haven't really added any themes with backgrounds yet. It's sort-of for a contest, so I can't really change the layout TOO much. That's beyond the point of no return.
sceptileex: I don't like frames. I don't know why. I was trying to make it resolution-friendly, so that it would look fine in any resolution. If I make it too big, people complain. If I make it small (like this one) people complain. I can't please everyone. Thanks for the good comments!
Whong: Thank you. I tried to make them useful for people.
bgbg: I made my own because it was one of the topics you were allowed for the contest.
Thanks everyone! I've got enough stuff to do for now. Thanks again!
Mr Smith
I love your website, great work there.

Just something, you have aweful competition with w3schools. But from the looks of things you are putting great detail into the information on your website. Keep it up hun ;)
They aren't my competition. Not yet anyway. I leaned about 1/3 of the stuff I know from them. They are my friend currently. They might not be later... Very Happy
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