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World is Flat

Have you read the book World is flat?
Do you agree with the author?

Do you really think that globalization has flattened the Earth. Or the earth is flanned only for a few for others it has become more inaccessible?
I agree with him, but it's an absolutely awful book. Lets take a look at the subtitle:

A brief history of the 21st century.

That's two pieces of bull right there, as the book is neither brief or a history.

All of the things that the guy had to say he could of done in half the pages, but he instead wonders off on random tangents about the technical aspects of flatteners, three pages of jokes from a call center or something equally off topic.

The book really isn't a history because to read like a history book it would have to make up events in the feature, but the book is decidedly not fiction. It's just a series of editorials, and the history moniker is just an unnecessary bit of pretentiousness.

The entire book really reeks of incompleteness, as this guy was so excited about what he was seeing that he never got down to actually thinking about what he was writing. The whole thing reads like a first draft (or, if you will, this post).

He also missed the fact that this isn't really a new concept, people have been talking about it since the dawn of the 20th century. A section about The Communist Manifesto is awkwardly shoved in the book with a comment about how it reads like someone talking today. He apparently doesn't appreciate the irony.

The book is also filled with awkward metaphors that are more silly than thought provoking. I stopped reading when he talked about a crisis in our schools that means that America's children are not being taught to make good enough chocolate sauce. I shut the book for good when he said "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste."

An economist review I found (and stole some of this post from) recommends Jagdish Bhagwati's “In Defence of Globalisation” and Martin Wolf's “Why Globalisation Works” over it. I haven't read either but I might get around to it.
Yes I agree with the author but i think he has written a little too much! The book could have been thinner and to the point saving a lotta time!

He was free to write so many pages doesnt mean we will have time to readem all.
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