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Mac OS X on a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3? Maybe possible?

What is your opition?
Would be worth a shoot.
 25%  [ 1 ]
Don't have one.
 50%  [ 2 ]
Forget it your stupid.
 25%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 4

I know you probably seen bs post like this saying bs but...

The requirments for mac is a g3 or higher processor and all that crap...

Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are very similar to the macintosh hardware.
Ok. Think about this.

Both run on firmwalls. Macintosh hardware uses firmwalls.
Both have powerpc processors. Macintosh older hardware uses powerpc cpus.
Both have usb cd/dvd rom and other parts required for communication with the computer.

Since playstation 3 hasn't been released and thier are no mod chips for the xbox 360 (to boot the cd because xbox 360 will not load the boot disk without a sercurity pass on the disk or w/e it is called.

I was thinking xbox 1.
x86 cpu (the pentium 3)
mod chips avalible
no usb
no reasonible amount of memory to run mac.
cpu doesn't have SEE3 on it.

I thought playstation 2.
mod chip
no powerpc or x86 cpu
cpu sucks
no reasonible amount of memory to run mac.

I posted this to see comments and problems that I didn't see. If it seems reasonable. I may buy a xbox 360 standard and test it out as soon as mod chips start coming out. I already have mac os cds and keyboard etc.

I would try it on a playstation 3 but paying an extra 600 dollars for something that may not work isn't good.

If it does work (A BIG IF) then it just may be the fastest and cheapest mac on the market made by microsoft. lol.

Please post why you put your opition. Please post comments on this.
thught i dont have a XBOX/Playstation... but one question... where is the Hard drive of those product?? without a big HDD how can i install a OS??
Playstation 2 has a optional hard drive that can be installed.
xBox has a 20gig hard drive
Playstation 2 will have a 30-60gig harddrive (still pondering)
xBox 360 has a 20gig hard drive (w/ premium or exturnal hard drive)
Actually, Xbox controllers use USB. They even have Xbox>USB adapters which you can use a Mouse, Keyboard, and even attach certain USB Hard Drives to store/transfer GameSaves, Content and Music without modding. If you do Mod then you are of course able to do more things like swap the stock 10GB HDD for a larger one (up to 250GB I think).

They also have front "consoles" that have 2 USB ports along with all 4 Controller ports as well as a LCD screen for montioring performance and showing the Xbox IP and stuff. Xboxen are capable of running Linux as well, so I don't see why they wouln't be able to run Mac OSX without the proper modifications.

Likely, with the Xbox 360's architecture, It would only be possible to Softmod it which would still make it able to operate Mac OSX.
To run linux requires some work to get it to work.

The problem with the xbox is that I know the 4 ports in the front are usb but the cpu is a pentium 3 and only has sse the mac os x requires sse2 or sse3. I was thinking xbox 360. Buy the premium and then used the cd swap method with my mac os x dvd and hope that it will boot up on the firmwall like a mac would. If not try some more moding until it works.

Issues relay on that game consoles don't boot up on the hard drive they boot up on a rom chip build into the motherboard.
How M$(XBox) would install on your device other OS?
Their are many ways to do so. Look up linux on an Xbox.

The only problem is if you mod your xbox Microsoft will ban your live account. Such a waste of money.

I think this maybe very possible if you get a boot up system working. Most people said their are no mods for playstation 2 and I found one to shave off 1in of your playstation 2 (full size not slim line because the slim isn't even an 1in thick.)
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