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PHPbb reply notifier

is there a software that let you instantly know your topic have been replied>?
that will be REALLY HELPFUL.....
can anyone give me suggestions?
There's a checkbox when you post in a thread on a phpBB board to let the board email you when a reply is posted. I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but this will notify you. There is also a small link at the bottom of a thread that says "Watch this topic for replies". It works the same way as the check box.
but that still needs email...
there are no software check up forums hourly and inform you that someone have posted after you?
i realize this post is anchient, that I have zero posts, and that this user has been inactive for two years.., but I'm working on something right now that does this

I'm hoping that it will end up working like gmail notifier
Right now I can pull all the information off a page, and order it, but I'm still trying to get the order all inline and correct, and at the moment, this only works for a single site, which I hope to later make it work on any phpbb site.
Wish me luck Razz
Yes, it does if you have the topic set to like frihost does below when you create a reply/post "Notify me when a reply is posted"
yes yes, alot of BB systems do have "Notify me when a reply is posted" but, I'm looking to create something that will pop up a little window in the lower right hand of your screen telling you that someone has replied to your post, and then it will go away, and if you click on it, then it would either direct you to the page, or pop up a little window where you could type in the reply you want, and then it'd post it to that post/reply, and you wouldn't even have to "touch" this site.,., if you see what I mean.

but yeah I do have gmail notifier already, but I think it'd just be cool to have a program deticated to watching your forum status.
Da Rossa
At first I though he wanted a universal notifier, which would have information about all the phpbb forums he's registered and send a tray ballon notification. If someone knows about one, please let me know Very Happy
It's in it's developing stages, and so far is constrained to the site I'm building it on
but the future looks bright

Just now I might have someone else helping me with this project, and he's a freakin guru to me

but for the future, I hope to support different main forum types
right now it will support phpbb3 or at least the theme I'm building it off of
then phpbb2, ipb, v-bulleton, ect
maybe even user settings where you could try having it grab the stuff off of sites it wasn't even made for. I'd love to have a devloper mode where you could just point and click and it could say, grab array, or grab single, ect : )

if you want to look at how this is coming check this out : )

even if you aren't satisfied, this project should keep growing so just keep in touch/watch

Definatly the ULTIMATE Trolling Tool Very Happy
it gives forums more of an IM feeling to them, when it's like this, and I'm sorta going for an IM feel with this too Wink
updated, and got ourself a spot on Very Happy
coming along, and got a pretty strong base as to where this is headed.
but still the possibilities are limitless.

idealy I want to allow people to parse out what ever they want where ever they want, by allowing them to configure the program to their needs.
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