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My Poem - The Ride

The Ride

The boy was five,
Never did he feel so alive,
While having a blast,
He wondered, “How long will this last?”

As the time went by,
And the day was about to die,
Two men came to his side.
They asked if he wanted to go for a ride.

They gave him candy, trying to lure
This poor little boy into their car’s door
And so he went, along with the men,
Realizing he is never coming home again.

It was late, and the parents were worried,
Out the door they scurried.
They looked throughout the city only to realize their fate,
That on this date,
This boy was victim of a kidnapping.

They called the police, who said they would try,
Grieving constantly, the mother looked to the sky and asked, “Why?”
A day later the police showed up.
The said they found a body by one of their police pups.

After an analysis of the body, it wasn’t their son.
The parents were relieved and worried at the same time, but the case was not done.
The next morning in their yard, they woke to a knock on the door,
No one came, it just was ignored.

An hour later at the door the boy showed up with two gashes on his chest from the guys,
They couldn’t believe it their son was alive,
They called 911 to save their son,
An ambulance came, but they said most likely he would be done.

At the emergency room the doctors tried and tried,
But this poor little boy died.
Their son has died, and the kidnappers are still on the loose.

A day later the kidnappers confessed to what they did,
To this poor, unfortunate kid.
They were sentenced to life,
After stabbing the boy with a knife.
The parents were relieved,
But still they believed,
This was not enough.

The victim’s mother began a campaign to stop this from happening again,
So this journey is at its end.

By Danny Weissman
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