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does anyone know how i can improve my site

my site is not looking the best (its pretty crap at the moment) so can anyone help in making it better.
my site is

ps it is only new so some pages are missing
i recomend not using a picture as a background. I'ts easyer to read a black text on a white background or another light color.
The pictures can be next to the text.

I can only see 2 pages so not to much to give tips about
All I can say is as mentioned above, don't use background pictures.

And create frames, or better, just use a software like Dreamweaver or FrontPage to create a website, you will learn a lot from them, I think Embarassed .
well i set up more pages in guest but the members area is big its just it is password protected.
please reply with any other suggestions
i agree with what they said, and you should accutally make a layout! with tables frames, etc. have more accutally content.
Vary the font color and font style. make bottons?
Manwho need good graphics on a website...
First web site? I see a lot of the same noob mistakes on your site that I had initially on mine a few years back. I'm lucky that I didn't end up on Web Pages That Suck. From the little bit I can see from your web site I have these tips for you so that you qon't see your site on Web Pages That Suck and if you follow them your site won't look so noobish.

1) Don't use big background pictures. There are several reasons for this. First it is hard to read black text over a black and white picture. I had to force myself to take the time to read what you had to say as the text stood out then faded into the picture. Second is that big graphics slow down the load speed of your site. Also the graphic you used was not seemless. on my 1024 wide screen I can see where one graphic ended and another began. Nothing says noob more then that. The first page is pretty much a spash screen for your site that directs guest to one side and your friends to another. It would look way more styling if you resized the picture down and centered it in the page with a black or dark grey background, then used silver text on the black background to direct your guests and friends were to go.

2) I tried to run a validator on your first page and with just that little bit you have there was a total of 39 mistakes found. All of them noob mistakes. It detected your site as XHTML 1.0 transitional XHTML tags are written lower case and are closed like this:
<img> <img />

An example of the mistakes was that you had your body tag inside your head tag and you didn't even close your body tag. here is a direct quote from your code:
<body background="samurai.jpg"
That is just for starters, okay. I'm not going to point out every thing that's wrong. I don't want to discourage you or embarass you. We all make mistakes the first time. You should have seen my mistakes.

Here is what I suggest you do to fix them. First get some nice easy to use web master tools. I recomend a couple of free ones that are really good and will help you learn as you go. For manipulating your graphics and and making some graphics of your own to make your site unique you can get The GIMP for Windows (I'm assuming you are using Windows) and visit web sites like to help get you up to speed quickly on that program (you can also download the latest version of The GIMP there). The second program I'm going to recomend is NVU which is a free cross platform WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML/CSS editor that will help you at least cut down on the mistakes and get a feel for coding. You can find that at

Lastly, if you really need some help or advice you can PM me here and I will help you out some (I won't do it for you cause you won't learn that way).
thanks very much mates and Tex_Arcana i might just do that thanks but first i will try out the sites you posted thanks.
please reply if you know of any more suggestions

ps the problem is not the software as i have adobe photoshop cs2 and dreamweaver 8 its that i dont know how to put html or php into the right order or even use it at all
anthonygerbils wrote:

ps the problem is not the software as i have adobe photoshop cs2 and dreamweaver 8 its that i dont know how to put html or php into the right order or even use it at all

The reason I suggested NVU is that you can drag and drop elements into your web page where you want them and NVU will write the code for you. It won't be the "best" code but it will allow you to get something up while you learn to do it yourself better.

Also you can use the "veiw source" feature of your browser to look at the HTML of other web sites that you like. That will help you learn how they do that as well. You might want to stop off at w3c schools also to learn HTML and CSS and PHP. It's also free and you can also get certified. THat's at To learn what makes good design as in style try for more basics.

Don't get discouraged. Once you have an idea about what is good and useful it really becomes quite fun. It can also be a medium for artistic expression. Pretty soon you might find yourself putting away the fancy programs and using a basic HTML editor to crank out valid code.
and one more thing: add a title to the page: "Untitled Document" doesn't look too attractive (nor too informative)
Un exciting. I barely noticed the links up top. Change Untitle Document. I see you use Dreamweaver. Anyone who has used dreamweaver would know that theme. It's not that great looking and looks empty and unused. Other than that, it's not bad. Fix the links, and don't put that 'get your link here' thing. It makes people think you're going to be putting ads like crazy.
First off give it a title. A title will make it rank better in SEO's
The site looks good but the banner seems too big. There really are no pages to really help you out on though. Confused
thanks and i gave it a title so does any one have any other suggestions and thanks very much could never have done it otherwise
Looks decent, only problem with me its on the right . it would looks much better if it was centered or on the left, imo. it just looks un-natural on the left

but other than that its pretty cool.
Looks good. Having your graphic on the left is a design choice and that's fine if you like it like that. It doesn't matter if someone thinks it looks weird. There are 8 errors when run through the validator. Most of them are concerning end tags. Remember you are working with XHTML so break tags should look like this:
<br />
Note that there is a space after the R then a slash and end bracket. This is used to fix some problems that some browsers seem to have with XHTML. If you fix those 8 small problems then you can have your "good boy" button from W3C.
Well you have got the links at the center of the page you might want to take them to the left side of the page and make a menu of them. Let the center of the page reserved for the news and information things

and as far as the colors are concerned i like it this way simple white and black . The more colors are used the more it become diffciult to manage as what should be the background color or the foreground or the menus so i recommend not to use colors . its best this way.
I think it is a nice, clean design. Laid out well, and not overly-complicated/busy. I think having it on the right side instead of centered is not a good idea, but it's not the end of the world either. Color scheme works also.
coolo thanks its getting there and i just improved it just now if you want to take a look.
thanks for all your replies and if you have any more please submit them.
ps if you would like your link added to my site please tell me and i will be glad to do so.
Hi there,

It's looking good and improving as per those comments above. Wink

However, do organize the menu options properly ! People don't know
how to navigate the options.

Other than that, it's acceptable ! Very Happy
cool thanks but i would also like some ideas on what to put on my site as i dont have a clue
please help
Congrats, anthonygerbils. Not only do you have a nice, usable page but you also pass Xhtml, CSS, and WAI and Section 508 valadation. You inspire me to get my web pages out (in what little time I have between work, sleep, and baldness treatments from having to take IE into account in my code. Hair Club says as soon as the scabs from pulling my hair out heals they'll help me. Laughing ).
yup very simple interface, and clean code...
my site is not looking the best (its pretty crap at the moment) so can anyone help in making it better.
my site is

ps it is only new so some pages are missing
haha very gud lancer but your site cool and you dont need help
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