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Delete all over 3 week old posts

The admins should delete all posts over 3 weeks old. To save room in the post and to remove any type of lag. That may be generated Due to over load of posts.topics, replies ect.... Plus would leave less for people to break there mind over and try to pic something to post on. Plus leave more room for others to post there topics replies ect.... Just an Idea dont take it to heart...
It's an idea that may be useful on the majority of the forums out there, but with the specific implementation of this forum for hosting support, it may cripple the search function and make it harder for users to find an answer to their question as quick as possible without waiting for a reply. Maybe if there is a way to choose which forum it is applied on it could possibly be made to work.

Thanks for taking the time to suggest things, though.
Or do it like I've seen on Lifeless People, just have old topics automatically lock (there's a MOD for it somewhere)
Alright, I have to say something.

And it isn't a personal afront to anyone who has suggested it in the past.

For everything on PHPBB, there is a MOD, this is true. You can celebrate birthdays and have a portal and require gender, have ranks, play in arcades and everything else under the sun.

However, this does not mean that you have to install said MOD and have it running.

For example.

I have a board running and I think I may have one mod running and that is because I need it for the particulars of my site. Just as any mods here are to be geared towards the operations of the site.

If you need all the MODs in the world installed, then you have no originality.

I would like to believe people who run a webhosting company, people who need webhosting, would have a little bit of creativity and originality in them

I don't care if people pick up a topic of even a year ago. As long as you can add valuable and interesting information to the topic, then why shouldn't you revive a topic?

Anyway, I like a board with a lot of posts. (of course quality posts Wink )
Maybe we can delete threads older than a month or two with no reply. (i do doubt if we have posts that fit this category)
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