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I reckon changing the rules would be a good point. Having it so you cant upload until you post so many topics is a load of bull!
I, and probably most of the other people here at FriHost, totally disagree with the statement. The minimum of 5 good posts, which I gather what your referring to, is to protect us from people that only visit the forum for a free hosting account. It is normally easy to see who this is from their posts, they also usually request an account just after reaching 5 posts - I am currently wondering whether your this kind of person, I guess an extra 4 more posts will tell. We need to make FriHost a success and for this the users have to be committed, they are going to be less-committed if they can just request for one and that is it.
If you don't like the way FriHost works I guess you can always find another Host, remember though that FriHost is the only place that gives out this kind of service for free. If you however want less space and bandwidth plus one lousy email address, ftp account and sql database then i suggest you search Mr. Google. When you come to your senses and realise that the deal here at frihost is real and the best around you may then realise that the thread you made is useless.

FriHost will not change its requirements for creating new accounts.

***Note that I am having an off-day today which is why this post goes on a bit, it however does not change the content of my outburst.

Topic left open for more discussion, does anybody have a suggestions as to why it should be changed, and what it should be changed to ?
5 quialty posts is fine. We all had to go through it. It is simply 5 posts. Good quailty posts can be made through out. Each day I make about 16 or so topics. I know at least 7 are of some what good quailty. This post is even a good quailty post. It isn't hard to get a quialty post. The account team (makers of the accounts) will not except your posts if they are like less then a line long or stuff like that. If you post something like

I really like that game too

If you dont' put effort into it then you don't get your account. They want to see that you are going to be good here at frihost and that you are going to post. It helps pay for our servers to have ads on the forums so in order for people to click them they have to make us post. It isn't that bad to take 5 minutes out of your day and post a little here.

If any thing it should be put up to ten quailty posts. Not droped lower. I like seeing when people are posting good quailty posts. It gives you something to talk about.

If you think 5 posts is too much, look at other hosts. Then think.
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