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New AMD socket

Did you heard that AMD is relaseing new socket for their processors ?

The slot will be called AM2, they are waiting for DDR2-800 and when it comes out AM2 slot will be released.

From what I`ve heard, they will still make procesors for socket 939 besides new AM2 socket.
Actually, Socket 754 is supposed to outlast socket 939. I believe 939 is supposed to be phased out by early 2007, and 754 by middle 2007.

As for AM2, I can't wait to see AMD go DDR2. For one, it will make 939 components go way down in price, allowing cheap people like me to get a decent computer.
well a new socket from amd is always good news, isnt it?? well not so sure. the performance differences are minimal (abt 5-8percent) at this stage. maybe when they come out with the final revision, it will be better. but still its a disappointment for some who have waited for long to see am2 outperform intel conroe..
it might minimally make 939 motherboards go down in price, but DDR prices will go up, because all the manufacturers are moving to DDR2, and you lose efficiency of scale.
There won`t be a lot of preformance changes between AM2 and 939 processors when AM2 comes out, only really really small difference in preformance becouse of DDR2 ( I think you won`t even notice that ), but as time pass 939 will end up just like socket A ended up. Then there will be a lot preformance difference between 939 and AM2 processors.

I just can`t wait to see that huge battle between AMD and Intel that will start next year..

The prices are surely going down, it is just a question of time.
AM2 is coming soon ( month or two untill it is released ), so we will see how fast the prices are gonna fall..
Agreed. The benchmarks on Tom's Hardware didn't show much improvement in performance moving to AM2 as of speaking. Of course it's still not out to the public yet, no way to be sure for now.
Yup. Very little improvement for AM2 vs. 939 but that doesn't mean that AMD is not still a better value than Intel in most price ranges. The latter half of 2006 is going to be rough for AMD with Intel launching Conroe but AMD has been beaten and left for dead more than once, only to come back with something that every kid on the street wants. I don't want to see AMD and Intel kill each other with a price war this year but it could get real interesting for the budget builder late summer / early fall.

Hmm...this should be fun to watch later this year. This may almost make me hold off on getting a high end AMD processor for now....I still need to upgrade my mobo but a 478 mobo is alot cheaper than a 939 one these days and then when the 939 prices start to drop ill jump on that band wagon i think and get one of those.

does anyone know what sort of difference there would be between a 754 and a 939 board and why they would phase out the 939 in favor of keeping the 754 when the AMD2 comes out?
The 754 is more widespread. It is used more widely than 939 and has been around longer. A 754 is a bad decision compared to a 939. I don't know many people who are happy with their 754; there is just too little options for upgrade and such. The cores on 939 are hugely better also.
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