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Advance learning drum

I'm searching for some website with nice hints for advance drummer... Free sites would be nice of course...


They will tell you all! Smile
what kind of drum are you trying to learn?
SunburnedCactus has a lot to offer; the video section is quite comprehensive and is a good way to observe the styles of world-class drummers.
Citizen Kane

Give a go. there's lots of stuff about drumming.

Things to do when you want to become REALLY good:

Rudiments with hand AND feet (really, be creative...)
Build stamina

Books to study: (also practice with your FEET):
    Stick control - George lawrence Stone (the BIBLE)
    Accents and Rebounds George lawrence Stone (odd stuff, but GOOD)
    The New Breed - Gary Chester (WAY advanced, WAY good!)

The ultimate rdiment stuff (drumcorps style, good for stick control)
    Rudimental Logic - Bill Bachman (heavy stuff, to the almost unplayable)
    The Drummers Rudimental reference book - John Wooton (same as the above)

Some other tips, to go from "normal" to "advanced":

Keep practicing. Always set yourself goals about stuff you want to learn. start slow.
Do as many gigs as you can. that way, give all the stuff you worked at a go at a gig. See the guitarist look over his shoulder as you launch one inpossible chop after the other (this is kinda funny
Smile )
Dont EVER quit drumming! My Girlfriend isn't Nearly as good and important as my drumset!

and never forget: GROOOOOOOOOOOVE is what gets you the most interessting gigs and jobs as a drummer. you can play lots of stuff, but if it ain't got that swing... listen to other siginificant players how they do this. f.i. Virgil donati and Tomas Haake. but also Dave Weckl and the fat guy from Tribal Tech (he's GOOD!)

Let us know how things go.
nozgarth has a few tips about extreme druming i think you can
practice a lot of things.there aren't much for now but george keeps updating the tips section.
Subsonic Sound

Sputnik Music is the biggest music forum in the world, so there's quite a lot of information in our drum forum. Cool
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