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NHL Lovers Read This: Coach Quinn of the TML has been fired!

Hi there guys my name is Ryan and I love ice hockey. Last year was the saddest year for us Hockey lovers but this year has been a treat Smile Anyways imagine my surprise when I came across this piece of news:

"The Toronto Maple Leafs announced Thursday that Pat Quinn has been relieved of his duties as the team’s head coach. The move comes after the team finished the 2005-06 regular season with a record of 41-33-8 and failed to reach the playoffs for the first time since the 1997-98 season..."
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I was like huh! Sure the TML have had a disastrous season, but I put it down to shear bad luck, bad transfers, and a horribly long injury list, plus taking a yr. off pro hockey doesn't exactly help either! But fire Coach Quinn? Man that seems a little harsh to me. I mean the guy has had a great track record in my books and a terrible season shouldn't have meant the end of his stay. He has made them win some stunning games before. Also the poll on the site also indicates that the majority of fans agree that he has had a really good track record. I mean just cos they didn't reach the playoffs this yr. doesn't mean that they should axe him. or does it? I am curious to see what you guys have to seem so come and post if your into pro hockey. Take care guys Razz
Years ago, when the Flyers had won the Cup, then started having troubles, a Philadelphia sportscaster said:

In sports, if you have a new team, people ask, "What will you ever do for us?" If you have a team that has never won a championship, people ask, "What have you ever done for us?" If you do win a championship, people ask, "What will you do for us next?" If you have won a championship in the past, people ask, "What have you done for us LATELY?"

It doesn't take very long to see the same scenario played out over and over again, regardless of the sport or the team involved.
Yeah man thats so sad but true. It really sucks how demanding some fans can be regardless of the sports and regardless of the team's prior victories. Thats what sucks, in my opinion, about pro sports these days. The beautiful games, as I like to call sports, have been reduced to $ only with little regard for the players who work so hard or the coaches who sacrifice so much. It sucks how when a team wins, some fans quickly congratulate the players but when something doesn't go according to the playbook they grill the coach without really knowing why. Unfortunately this is another situation where it is glaringly obvious that pro sports today are run like corporations with its fans akin to stockholders who have to continuously be compensated. The sad thing is when a team like the TML can forget in 1 season how great they have been in the past 5 or so seasons...
When your team hasn't won anything since the 1960's, you can't get too attached to players or coaches. Management should dump everything in Lake Ontario until they come up with a recipe that really works.

Toronto has no excuse for not being successful. Everyone wants to play there. They have a massive budget. Free agents will sign for cheaper to play for the Leafs.
I don't see why the coaches are the one fired. They're not the one's who lost the games. And the damn general managers could at least try to get some better players. So what if Pat Quinn lost some games. I mean even if the leafs made the playoffs they rarel get past the 1st round.
I hate the Leafs, and I dislike Pat Quinn, so I am happy to hear the news. Down with Leaf Nation. I live in Sens Country. Time to Rev Up The Red Very Happy.

But seriously, maybe the Leafs will find a coach to turn that team around for the better, although I'd be happy to see them become the basement dwellers once again that they were 15 years ago Very Happy
I'm not a huge fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. But it think its outrageous that they would fire the coach because the leafs had no players what so ever. All old or second grade players. They should fire the GM for not building a proper team. The man had nothing to work... OUTRAGEOUS
bryan shaw
I don't know much about the Canadian team, but I do know that the Dallas Stars always dissapoint me. They lose to Colorado EVERY YEAR. Why do you think this is? PM me.
bryan shaw wrote:
I don't know much about the Canadian team, but I do know that the Dallas Stars always dissapoint me. They lose to Colorado EVERY YEAR. Why do you think this is? PM me.

They just have bad luck. This year, I thought they were going to win it, but they lost.... Confused
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