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New Scientific breakthrough: keeping girlfiends happy

Right, OK, you got me. I am not a Scientist, but one thing I have learned over five years of a somethings extremely rocky relationship is that every compliment you make to your girlfriend adds up to her being less annoyed when you mess up as usual. Over time us boyfriends have a habit of forgetting to say: 'you look lovely' or 'have you changed your hair, it's beautiful' etc. Anyway, to us these comments sound pointless and cheesey but to girls they seem to mean everything, who knows why? they just do.
In the topic you just mentioned what they are .....

I appreciate that

Please leave it unchanged Wink
It's a good idea to give compliments not only to your girlfriend also to people arround you. Be empathic to people and you'll find life easier. for example: You are waiting in the bank and there's a huge line. finally it's your turn. When you come to the bank teller you can come with two attitudes:
1. To come with grim fave and grin about the long waiting line.
2. to ask her how she feels and to tell her that you understand how she feels with people pressuring her to work faster.

I think that the second attitude will get you more smiles and cooparation
i really like your attitude Wink Very Happy wanna give my boyfriend some pointers? he's not a bad boyfriend, but sometimes i just want to be utterly pampered and doted on Wink
Well, there's no scientific thing there...

Girls do really like complements..

And I don't know why they like that..
It's not just girls who like complements, guys do too... everyone does.

Complements show someone that you notice and that you care. Very simple things to say, that can make such a difference but we are usually too busy or preoccupied with our own lives to say them.
Yep, I agree it's important. But just a thought for you all.

I've been with my wife about 16 years, and I love her dearly. I"ve always let her know when when she looks good (almost always!), and often compliment her outfits, hair, new purses, etc. The problem? Well, over the years she has just learned to expect them. Not that she feels entitled to them, it's just that they tend to not mean anything anymore. At this point in our relaitonship, I think she is looking for honest appraisals (sometimes) and can't take my word 'cause I "always think she looks good".

Not a real prob for us, but maybe occasional constructive criticsm should be used. (of course, I'm talking clothes, not plastic surgery or a new hair cut!) Any thoughts from the ladies here?
i agree, it's great to compliment our girlfriends. but there is one small catch. Sometimes guys don't notice your new handbag that matches with the pair of shoes you bought last week (huh, she bought shoes last week??). It's not that we don't care, its just that somethings stick out more than a new pair of nine west shoes?

Another thing that guys could work on to keep the home front a peachy place: Forgetfulness! Guys forget certain stuff. That's just how we are. Ask us how many goals Henri scored last season we will tell you in a second. Who was the colt's qb before manning? No problem. But ask us, "do you remember whether or not I used parmesan in the pasta we had last wednesday?" Hell no i don't remember!!! Sometimes guys dismiss things like tank-top colours and the-date-we-got-the puppy as unneccesarry information, so we just throw it out. Not that we don't care. We do. It's just that we are under immense pressure to remember a lot things. Like our names!

But seriously if we can just appreciate the relevance of things and actually remember them, our ladies would be a lot happier and therefore so would we!!
I think it's a must to pay attention to the small things no matter the gender. If I'm in a relationship I want to remember the my guy is stressing about a particular hard day at work, but I also would appreciate it if he remembered my hard days. Then you can help give each other a break from time to time.

One of the great things about a relationship is the ability to make life easier by helping each other out with the little things. As soon as the couple isn't helping each other out, they are only causing stress and energy.

It's not necessarily compliments, it's showing that you care. That can be done in many ways.
vlnjodie wrote:
It's not necessarily compliments, it's showing that you care. That can be done in many ways.

Yep, no argument from me on that. But you ever notice how often the things you do to show you care are not even noticed by your partner? I've noticed that I tend to do the things that I would like to have done for me. Sort of a stupid use of the "golden rule" Smile Conversely, my wife does thing to show me she cares that mean nothing to me. We both were trying to show our love, but we weren't recognizing the signals.

Ya gotta show you care. But it helps if you figure out what will be important to the other!

It's easy enough to spot when my wife has bought something expensive that day - she tries really hard to get me in a good mood before she shows me it - a trick I've learned to exploit mercilessly Smile
philipbool wrote:
It's easy enough to spot when my wife has bought something expensive that day - she tries really hard to get me in a good mood before she shows me it - a trick I've learned to exploit mercilessly Smile

haha. You are evil, my man.
After 10 years I've noticed a re-occuring pattern. It happens twice every month. There are times in this cycle where It doesn't matter what I say or do as my wife acts like I am totally hot and at other times like I am a complete #$%@$!! In between these extremes I have a chance of influencing things with compliments, a kind look, listening, unexpected help, gifts and shopping money. It also pays to notice when she wants or has done something as philipbool pointed out. these things usually happen on the same cycle.
Ahhh, yes, keeping the ladies happy, It all seems so easy in the start dont it? I guess you're still all exited and everything. but try 5 years down the track, It's just easy to take it all for granted and forget the compliments. You just need to note that down in your schedule or whatever, "COMPLIMENT GIRLFRIEND" and maybe STARE "MEANINGFULLY INTO EYES" It's true, works a charm. Jeez I sometimes wish us guys were more sensitive.
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