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Screen Shots from some games I made

Game Fortress
I think they are pretty cool.

Some might argue that they arent art, but I drew every scrap of these pics by hand in paint, and I will argue my case XD.

I believe you, I drew a picture from Mario and no one believed me I made it. Crying or Very sad
Game Fortress
Some people seem to think that spriting for games isnt an art, which I strongly disagree with.
spriting on paint is a skill itself : / i cant understand those people who think that spriting is not considered art. EVerything is art XD but anyway, nice pics. You did them all on paint? thats impressive.
Game Fortress
The only things there that WERENT in paint are the glowing orbs and the light on the lower screenshot... Those were a drawing function of Game Maker, the program I used to write the games
really cool ... specially the second one is very bright

u seems to be clever Wink

and don't warry about what people said ..
just trust in the fact and in urself ...

Good Luck Cool
wow...i'll never reach your level in making games...i donno coding and i donno spriting...ah well i'll make do with my fps

anyways, nice job on those games...i luv the graphics on the first one...looks so...something i cant describe...XD
You did that in Paint?!?! Excellent work!

This one looks quite interesting:
daniel15 wrote:
You did that in Paint?!?! Excellent work!

This one looks quite interesting:

I really can't belive that that was made in point. It is just too good to be made in paint. If it was WOW! That looks really cool Very Happy

First frihost freack becuase this is my 2000th post Very Happy
Game Fortress
I drew each sprite individually (the torches, blocks, enemeies, masks, palm trees) and then built a level out of them. I guess that means I didnt do it all in paint because I used gamemaker to build the level, but everything on that pic was hand pixeled.

(The map on the first screenshot was drawn with vectors on flash though)
any chance of posting the game and short tutorial on how it was programz used and for which purposes etc...thiking of doing something simiplar if i've got the chance but would create the images in 3D
great picture you are awesome ,well where is link to that game , game is also looking awesome is that free oshareware , game maker is also a great tool thanks to mark for such great tool for making game maker.
its really cool how many games did you make?
This is not only art, but very good art! Do you sell the games you make? where can I check them?
I like those things in the underwater level. Good draughting skill.
thats cool man, game making is a real art, if you like to make games, and you like to expand your art, try making 3dgames, i think you are using gamemaker as engine, try that engine,[url][/url]
sprites, and pixelart, of course is art, art is all that there is in your mind that you translate in real touchable or playable .
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