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Game Fortress
Its an old game, I know. It is also one of the coolest I have seen in my time. Its disgustingly amusing to watch those little creatures march endlessly, in spite of the fact that they are about to fall of a cliff, splatter on the ground, be burned to a crisp in lava, or exploded by a fellow.

It may be lame, but it is addicting. I urge those who havent played it to hunt it down. Wink
Yeah i used to play it for houers back in the day. and iv heard that thers a remake on the wey... again
Lemmings PWNS. I use to play the differnt versions of it all the time. Eventually it got a bit boring, but occasionally I still play it.
Wow this takes me back! Yeah it was really cool in the day. My friend used to own his own pc at the time and we used to play it. I believe that made tons of sequels after it and perhaps even a 3D version.
Game Fortress
I havent played the remake, but I have a hard time imagining that it could live up to the original. I started making a remake (sorta) version, where the goal is to kill all the little creatures rather than save them. It makes me laugh to think about.
Lemmings was a great game. I always loved to trap them all in a little box created by guarder guys then nuke them. Twisted Evil I did do regular playing every now and then.
Thanks for the reminder! Lemming is really cool! Now a days everything is 3d and photorealistic...
I used to play it so much as a kid. However, I wasn't too good with the harder levels.
I downloaded a remake in which you can choose any level you want to play, plus never before seen levels, but I can't find it anywhere anymore...It might have been Lemmings Revolution (not the 3d one, i hate that one). I'm going to look for it. Cool
Ghost Face
Oh yeah, Like everone else is saying.. it brings me back. I guess..
But yeah, that was the coolest game I ever started playing. I just couldn't get past the level where you start out on like a column. ..always ran out of stuff. Sad

Mmm, pixely yum! Razz
Lemmings was awesome back in the day. I plan on picking it up when they release the new version of the game for the PSP.
Ah, the memories... Lemmings was one of the first games I ever played on a computer, back in 95... Ah, the fun I had and all those lemmings I killed Smile

I tried playing it again recently, but I couldn't get the graphics to behave correctly, so I gave up.... Ah, good old 80x86 games...
Lemmings Smile, that was indeed a great game. I played that so much back in the day, probably because it was one of the few games I actually had.
I should really look for the floppy I've got it on, and see if I can shoot it up.

Damn, now I'm thinking about One Must Fall, and Wacky Wheels.
Got it on my phone Razz. But eh the game is abandonwares these days.

Go knock yourselves out but if you got trouble running the game you might try dosbox. It an emulator wich emulates an old dos.
Get it here.

Else go do a search on "abandonloader". Thats what i use Smile
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