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Two PhpNuke sites sharing a database

I am in the process of launching a new site which is phpnuke based, it will be gathering credentials of the users which will simultaniously be used in a second site.

Question 1
site_one is a kind of short term campaingn site which will have a lifespan of four years.

site_two is going to be the concurrent and continuing site for after this period

both sites will be phpnuke based what I want to know is, is it posible to have these sites running under seperate domain names yet accessing the same database, I cant use the same site in both cases as they will be running on independant themes just displaying the same data in forums

Question 2
Since only the themes will be different is it possible to have the two sites in seperate directory structures but instead of repeating the repeated information in both directories, have a kind of file or directory link to the on site and only have the theme and related diffrences in the second site so no replication of data occurs because the sites will be identical apart from the theme.

cheers kind regards Mic
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yes of course you can.

the requeriments are:

The same version of phpnuke in both sites.

Then, in one site use as prefix for the tables "site1_" exept in the
users table, and for the second site use site2_ and keep a diferent prefix for the users table, something like users. both sites must access the same database.

grant access to the database, thats all.

maybe you have to disable some things or use the same Theme Names in both sites.
Thanx allot for the input, I figured I would be using the the same Theme Name for seperate themes, but the prefix tip was great stuff Very Happy , I will build this in my development environment to get it working correctly.

Cheers Mic
if you need help just ask.
and tell me how the things went.
Hi there, I have been trying to think of an approach of achieving this

My Objective

Have Two nuke sites running on the same database accesing the exact same tables (i.e the same data is displayed by both sites)


I would like the sites to be accessed by using diffrent urls(I think this part is easy), the main thing site_A should use a diffrent theme to site_B.

Desired Deployment Structure

as the two sites Site_A and site_B will be identicle appart from the URL and theme is it posible to just use the one installation (i.e I dont need to duplicate the site directory structure in another location and wiast space)
and use the urls as keys to point uot that a diffrent them should be used.

please get back to me with any suggestions to help me out.

cheers Mic
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