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home made robots

any1 here into home made robots and other things like that
I'm interested but never build one. Smile

check this site for more information or Gogle
I would love to make my own. They cost too much money though. So I really can't make one. It would be fun to though. Very Happy
Mr Smith
My sister is an android, so does that count?
Like that movie where they buy robots to clean up their houses. ANd I, robot. Gooooood moviieieeeeee
I made lego robots, nothing professional Smile

Still, any of you seen Robot Wars? Real robots... Imagine the fun sticking a wireless camera in one and sending it into that annoying little kids down the roads house. Yes, that would be the life.

I made a homemade robot for robot war.... On paper XD

I might try it one day, as I work at Garage with Project manager into Robot War Razz

~Dopey Criz
I made it in school. Razz It has two senzors (no the front and right) and it must avoid walls in the labyrinth. It's main task is to find and get as quick as possible from the labyrinth. We also have competition for that kind a robots but concurrence is very high because it must be very quick (it has two small electrical engines and 3 whelles). There is also pretty much work to make, especially in programming it.
lol robots are fun i maake tiny things with like dc motors and stuff i get from thing i pull apart but ive kind of got sick of that but i still do it sometimes. im only 12 so i cant understand circutis, soldier and that.
I live in Hong Kong, the home-made robert culture is not common in Hong Kong, the school (even has the design and technology subject and information technology subject) do not contain any course about robort making. However, there are serveral competitions held in Hong Kong in order to promote this ideas. I have tried some competition before, I think robort can be useful, but nowadays, I prefer to doing the things manually. Do you agree?
I've never made one, but they seem really cool. I just love watching my friend mess with his own.
Robot wars is one of my favorite series ever Very Happy . If someone has some series please tell . Very Happy .
haha i used to watch robot wars, it was pretty great! i dont make robots myself but i sure am interested in the idea... i could never get my head around integrated circuits or how to use em though Confused .

I would much rather put something crazy together... for example, I am planning to add a carputer with loads of crap installed with it, and then upgrade the sound system Very Happy .
The best robots are from '50's sci fi films, all bubble heads and michelen man arms, totally humanoid shape with a loudspeaker mouth, I remember being a kid and going to this car factory for a school trip where they had "robots". Well they were robots but all us kids were mad dissapointed 'cos It was nothing like the army of humanoid robots walking around building cars that we had imagined.
Yea, building a robot would be cool.
I'm suprised they don't have kits to build your own robot, like model planes and stuff, or do they?
Does anyone know if you can buy a kit like that?
paul_indo wrote:
Yea, building a robot would be cool.
I'm suprised they don't have kits to build your own robot, like model planes and stuff, or do they?
Does anyone know if you can buy a kit like that?

I think RadioShack used to have stuff like that... not so sure anymore. there is a REALLY awesome book that explains how robots work and all that i think its called "Robot Building for Beginners" or just go to the website at . Its probably all really simple stuff for you guys but i liked it Smile .
I never really made one myself (except with Lego®)

It could be a nice assignment for school though, so maybe next year Very Happy
I would love to build one, but as others have said they are expensive. Although I am looking at the Lego Mindstorm ones for my kids. At least they will pick up some programming.

What I don't like is what some people are calling robots, like the ones on robot wars. They are just radio controlled toys. They have no intelligence or programmed instructions. In other words fake robots.

I did play a PC robot wars for a while where you did all the intelligence programming and then watched them fight. It was really fun. You could even fight more than 2 at a time for brawl like conditions. I liked fighting two at a time though, because there were too many variables to consider to when battling more. If you are interested the game was free and called cbots, since you programmed in C. I also played jbots where you programmed in Java. That was also free.
i was in my school's robotics team. the amount of work needed was amazing. However, the reslut was great, we even incorporated an ipod and speakers and made him talk. that was until El Monstro (his name) died on the way to the competition....good times.
HAHA What's about Robot Arena (PC Game).
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