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Condemned: Criminal Origins - another REV

Well, just finished this game and it was quite fun!

Making a long story short:
You're an FBI agent who arrives at a crime scene and everything just gets really weird.

The first thing i've noticed was that this game is like a copy of F.E.A.R.
The graphics are almost the same(though it runs smoother than F.E.A.R) and the plot is also similar to F.E.A.R's(kill the source of all evil etc etc),
but there is something different... You're just an FBI agent.
Most of the fighting is done using things you find on the way, like: sticks, fire axes, metal/wood signs, cables, gas pipes etc...
Of course, guns also appear from time to time, but for the sake of realism, sometimes it's better to fight with sticks and rocks than with guns.
Also, you can't carry more than 1 weapon plus your Taser(Shocker) - the devs had 'realism' in mind and I like it!

I'd say that F.E.A.R is more FPS than adventure, unlike CCO which is almost 100% adventure then FPS.

Graphics: 4/5
The graphics, as I said earlier, are very similar to F.E.A.R's.
CCO has it all: shaders, light effects, shadows.. everything that F.E.A.R has(well, except that 'slowmo mode').
Well, they are similar, but F.E.A.R's graphics are a bit better, imo.
The bullet-hit-wall effects, blood and gore effects - a bit better than CCO's.

Sound: 3.5/5

Again, we have the same old 'spooky' sound effects, but they are almost ignorable.
Still, F.E.A.R is scarier Smile

AI: 1.5/5
I think that the devs forgot who sits behind the screen.
That's right, PEOPLE!
PEOPLE can think! PEOPLE have strategies they want to try.
PEOPLE want challanges!
I would give a higher mark, but when you see a zombie slowly going towards a wall and "hiding" behind it while 40% of his body is fully visible you wouldn't call it advanced AI, right?

Plot: 4.5/5
The plot is quite twisted and interesting.
The end is also quite surprising.
I don't want to ruin, so I won't say more.

Control/Gameplay: 4/5
You can't jump, nor crouch.
Erm, that sucks!
Of course, when you have to jump, they tell you to press the 'action' key and you'll jump, but that doesn't look right, does it? Confused
Except that, the control is very smooth and easy.
The Sprint: 90% of playing time, you're walking, but you can press the 'shift' key and run like a madman. Now, why have I liked this? Well, the sprint bar ends up real fast - again, 'realism' in mind... you can't run forever.

Overall: 4/5
If you've liked playing F.E.A.R or games similar to that and you would like to try a different scene, buy CCO.

That's it.
Oh, if there are major sp./grm. mistakes, please tell me.
I repeat, English isn't my main language Smile

Thank you!
i agree with that review, FEAR is scarier but Condemned is creepier. HEHE

I love this series (FEAR, CONDEMNED, RIDDICK) the best engine ever made, the graphics are nice especially the environment effects plus you can see your own feet. HAHA

I give Condemned an 8/10
I also like the effect when you sit, fall down or climb - it's like you are the character's eyes.

Just don't frget that unlike F.E.A.R, this game isn't FPS(almost at all), it's more of an adventure game, like Fahrenheit(which I also recommend).
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