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Transporter 2

I feel this one hella hot movie, it reminds me of terminator 2 type styles
Hi there. I just saw your post and I can't wait to watch it Very Happy I loved the 1st one, but I haven't had time to watch the 2nd one. I will probably get both of them on DVD. The 1st one was so cool. Tons of awesome action mixed with a solid plot and kick ass badies! I saw the trailer for the second one and it looks even better then the 1st one. I hope that they make a number 3!!!
good day to every one..

Transporter 2 is a very good production... Jason Statham acts terrificly...
I like the way he acts especially when he do the karate thing, you can really see that his enemy feels an aching part of his body, when jason
hits him...heheheheh...

I like his car there, it's bulletproof and has a good security, because the driver has to provide the correct password in order for him to be able to start the engine of the car....

GOD bless and more power to the transporter productionss team
i think the 1st one is better

The only thing good about the film is its DVD and VCD Packaging.
Well, what I do really like is have that AUDI and drive it fast! LOL.. just kidding..

It's good movie though. No complains. Wink
i wud say it was a watchable movie with some good was much much better than the first movie which seemed quite dull.but then it can't be compared to T2.T2 stands way above movies like these.
I like the Transporter 2. But the first was better.

In T2 the I like the AUDI. It's a better car then the BMW Wink
I liked the first one much better, the second has alot more action but its alot more unrealistic and almost fakey. The sequal kinda sucked Exclamation
Transporter 2 is very good production and I like the Transporter 2,but the first was better.
dannywebdesign wrote:
I feel this one hella hot movie, it reminds me of terminator 2 type styles

ya same here...for some reason I got the same feeling. Like it comes from some terminator movie and I think they'll probably make a Transporter 3.
I really liked both Transporter and Transporter 2, but I think Jason should let Frank Maritn go and keep trying new stuff. For an action hero kind of actor, he is actually a good actor. I think the guy has a promising career ahead of him.

Hey, can you imagine Jason as Bond?
watched it today, brilliant film..better than first, but a few very unrealist things, but it makes it look alot better...the fight scenes rule, especially the one with the fire hose. I suggest you watch it if you havent already
well i was planning to buy that movie but some of the posts made be think that its not worth it.........

neways, i think i'll rent a VCD and then go to buy a DVD if its worth it
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