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Call of Duty

Does anyone play this game? I play online mostly.

I'm addicted, I play the exp pack (United Offensive)

I don't like Call of Duty 2

I will play it when i get it Very Happy I will get it soon with all of my birthday money Very Happy Went to get it today but they didn't have it. It is a fun game for sure. Very Happy
I liked call of duty

But contrary to you I loved call of duty 2 even more

It was quite realistic

I finished the game for probably the 35th time recently...

Pretty good game

I finshed CoD about 50 times
The game is fantastic i think and Multiplayer Online Servers are really good..You can't get bored when you are playing...I haven't get COD2 yet but a lot people says Call of Duty is better...I like COD....
I play CoD2 on PC, CoD:The Big Red One, and CoD:Finest Hour on PS2 online, i'm in one of the best clans on the game on PS2 online, it's a really big community and basically everyone knows each other, it changes the gameplay totally and you can buy a headset from leading computer stores for a ps2 at only about 20 and you can speak and listen to other people who have a headset.

Call of Duty 1.5 is the best, cod2 is not so good to me, because it hasn't got any recoil(noobish), I don't have CoDUo, so i couldn't say much about it!
i recently bought COD2 for pc..... it is a great game... The visuals are slightly improved, but the new sound effects are truly horrifying! Many people are saying that this is the closet you would ever want to get to war.... The sound sounds very very realistic, the only downfall of the sound is the grenade warnings that you recieve from your team are very belated and they foten warn you after the enemies grenade has already gone off
I love COD. And the expansions. It's a great game.

Haven't played COD2 yet, but I've heard it's really good.
Well... Call of Duty 2 is a really really good game. I can live it!

Another good game like this is Commandos Strike Force, I've also got it and it's incredible!!

And the best: it's a Spanish game Twisted Evil
the 2nd one is better, but the 1st one own. b4 92, the 1sdt one is best Razz
UO anyone? That is better then both. I love the moder weapons server. It is so cool Very Happy
I was playing Call of Duty two years ago but now I'm playing Battlefield 2 which is a lot better than Call of Duty because you can drive a lot of vehicles, including tanks, APC's, JET's, choppers, buggies, etc. You also have 6 infrary classes and 18 different main weapons. Excellent game!
Call of Duty was great, both the single player and the multiplayer. I had trouble getting the multiplayerr to work though. Call of Duty 2 is quite awesome as well, and I have no problem getting the multiplayer to work either. That's become addicting! The one thing I don't like about it is the skull icons that show you where the enemies are. That makes it not so fair. Same with the red dots on the radar. It makes it too easy to hunt someone down and too hard to find a good hiding spot.
ive onyl played call of duty 2 demo it was awsome but i still like medal of honor games
I played Call of Duty 1st, expansion to the 1st part, and Call of Duty 2 - I very like this games (in this productions I can feel like a true soldier in true, and very dangerous war).
I don't like a Medal of Honor series...
Its an ok game
color=violet]OMG I love that game. I like Call of Duty 1 better than the second one, though teh sencond had better graphics. I like to add the extension packs and other stuff. I try to play online with other player but usually find noone to play with. I love that game with my life. I usually like when I'm on the tank, cars, etc. But I like slaughterigng the Germans too. I just like to play the game as a rememberance of what everyone faought for , freedom, and well the exitement.[[/color] Cool
My favourite game was Call of Duty. Now my favourite game is Call of Duty 2. i dont know why you dont like it. I like to play both games online, It is so realistic:)
call of duty a old but very good multiplayer game. A must play for each lan-party.
This thread is pretty old and I'm quite surprised it hasn't been moved to the appropriate Games forum yet.
Anyway, I'll move it now.
hiquality wrote:
My favourite game was Call of Duty. Now my favourite game is Call of Duty 2. i dont know why you dont like it. I like to play both games online, It is so realistic:)

Yup, so realistic Rolling Eyes Being able to take 10 bullets is SO real. Other WW2 games are better in this aspect so you can't run and gun like you can in COD
You have to pay for Call of Duty 1 and 2. If you want realistic game, why dont you go and get Americas Army.
It's the realistic game I know and the best thing is : it's a freeware game, with no paid features Very Happy
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