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ok, im 16 and ive been rejected by gurls all my life. i am not a player nor to i intend on hurting a girl. i just want a serious relationship with someone whom i can count on to be there ( not looking for cyber girlfrnds) well ive been told im good looking more than once and all the girls like me but why is is i still don't have a girlfriend? im so depressed :'( just in case you were wondering this is a picture of me

your single (guy to guy) because your starting from the top of the popularity line start from the bottom it's filled with kind caring gurls, not as pretty but ok.
or you just have a personality disorder, retarded, really ugly, or in the closet yeah check those first.
you wana kno wats funny im not starting from the most popular gurls! aSA A MATTER OF FACT. they tend to be quite bitchY and im not a retard nor do i hide in closets and im not ugly...well i and bunch of other ppl dnt think so Razz
A serious relationship when you are 16? I wouldn't start worrying yet that you will never find true love.

your looks should not matter, unless you are really ugly. I can see from your picture that you are good looking (yes, I'm a girl). Maybe it is the way you hit on girls?

A serious relationship often starts with friendsship, then you maybe fall in love. Girls doesn't automaticly fall in love with nice looking guys that they like. But friends are nice too! Maybe after some time...?

I don't think you should go for girls who are so and so (not) popular. You should go for the girl you fall in love with, no matter how popular she is or isn't.

If you are not in love, you should be single.

You are 16! Have fun! Don't try to hard, relax, and just be a nice guy and a nice friend. Love will happend!
lol i have been this gurls frnd for 2 yrs and i fell in love with her when i notcied that when she left the country i would be we talk on average 60 hours on the phone a week! lol anyways i dnt hit on gurls i get to kno them first..then i be frnds with them and i try to kno wat kindas ppl they like and wat they like and dislike im not the type that hits on gurls im against demeaning things Razz lol and i got a lot of frnds who are gurls and they all say the same thing..."sme day ull find sme1" lol i hate that comment looooooool i have been in love with this gurl for 2 yrs and i jus got over her and she knew i loved her and ppl thought she loved me back but diddnt want a bf but i was ok with that
its still early. this is how it is, no matter if your 16 or 19 or whatever. its not until later in yotu life that you can have a serious long lasting relationship. :-\ thats just how it is
did you ever wonder that you dont actually find a good relationship because you look for it all the time?
Its not the type of thing that appears faster the harder you look...
it cant be forced...
give it a break, you'll see it will happen...
but i have to agree with most, 16 isnt exactly the age for a long relationship, altough it happens Smile

Subsonic Sound
You've actually stated that you're going for girls that are quite bitchy... why? That way even if they say yes, you're with a bitch. Stick with girls you actually like, and don't get so het up over it. Relax. Honestly, it's better - it's really obvious when people are trying really hard to be liked, and ironically it's not a likeable trait.

If you're looking for a serious relationship, you shouldn't be pitching for people you don't like, and you shouldn't get worked up worrying why you can't find the right person. Just let it come. Because it will.
thnx for the advice Very Happy ure all great i think im gonna lay off gurls for a while ill let them come to me Very Happy Laughing thnx for all ure support
don't worry much. You are only 16 and i think your appearance is ok. You still have lots of teenage time to find the one you love...

i am 23, but i am still single.. that should i complain ?
dont worry. but i tell you something.
they smell desperation, and they dont like desespearte guys.
( here, in colombia, maybe there too )
take it easy, get some funny with your friends ( boys and girls )
ok Very Happy ill try that out,,,my frnd is helping me get her attention by doing small things and it seems to be working xD
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