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House Of Wax

If you havent yet see nthe house of wax, i would highly recomeng going to see it or downloading it. Its a great film, bit goory but still its great
yea its a great film
memza wrote:
yea its a great film

I support!! Laughing
I love this film~!
I saw this in the cinema few weeks before with my girlfriend Laughing
The effect is realistic and must not be bored for even 5 seconds Laughing
Yay, Paris Hilton dies. W00T
This movie was actually enjoyable and awsome to watch.
ya i hear it is a great one i will watch it soon
lol, Paris Hilton dies, people keep telling me thats the only reason to go see it.
I just find it hilarious, how da hell did there part in the engine break down, and then why go in a house of wax when its abandoned Laughing they are crazy, not good acting, and its actually quite pathetic, I only watched it because elisha cuthbert lol
I watched it a week ago and I didn't like it. To much blood for me Mad
I haven't seen it but I sort of wanted to though.
Oh I like blood, im a gore fan, gotta see this!. Very Happy
WAk see paris die, definitely the best publicity for a movie. I bet the movie sucks but see paris die worths it
This is great film... I like this film very much...
With a cliché plot that doesn’t even resemble the original film and acting that is far from great, House of Wax fails to bring anything worth really watching to the screen. It also doesn’t come close to living up to the 1953 classic version with horror icon Vincent Price.

Instead of following the original’s story, we get a slick and unbelievable plot that seems to be more a poor man’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre with wax instead of power tools. We also have to sit through some pretty bad acting from the likes of Paris Hilton – who thankfully gets killed.

Overall, the movie is a slick “popcorn” remake of a great horror film that fails to live up to any of the elements that made the original a classic. The movie is loaded with every horror cliché you can find, from the group of stranded kids to a disfigured silent killer, and its ending is just too unbelievable to work. The film does manage to have some good special effects and a pretty high body count. It fails to deliver a good solid plot or even a minimal amount of scares
I saw this movie about one year ago, can't remember much but I'm sure I didn't think it was the best movie, it didn't make it on the middle of my favourite movie list.

Even if the effects was good and the idea concept wasn't that bad it still didn't make it. In this kind off movies I sit in the beginning and guess who will survive, and I was right in this one. And even if I love horror I can never find one that is good and scares me, they always seem like comedy. It get's high marks for trying but low ones for succeeding.
A movie with paris hilton in it? I wish they put someone with a large package, that is what good horror movies are all about
But still a good watch
caiba wrote:
If you havent yet see nthe house of wax, i would highly recomeng going to see it or downloading it. Its a great film, bit goory but still its great

You serious? I think even Elisha Cuthbert couldn't redeem the movie. Catch Hostel 1&2 if you're into blood and gore.
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