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How long your windows is working without reinstall?


Today i noticed that my windows XP was installed over a year ago. Its still good working. I have over 200 applications installed. Many of them i dont use anymore.

So XP is much better than 95,98 ...
Your windows is working very long. Mine is working for about 6 months but I will need to reinstall it soon
Oh ,,,

You, friend, are just lucky and you run your computer well

Windows mostly doesnt last for more than 6 months without reinstall

Anyway reinstalling and formatting is good as it gets rid of all the dirt in your system.

Win 98 edition II was really good..

I usually format it every 6 months so I dont bother .

My longest lasting OS was WinME which went on for 1 year and 4 months
scorpio wrote:
My longest lasting OS was WinME which went on for 1 year and 4 months

That's really amazing ! I can believe that WinME could still work after this time, but I can't believe that YOU still liked it after more than 1 week...

Anyway, I also have to reinstall my Windows XP like every 6 months, because it's the cleanest way to get your system a new vitality.
I think mine is like maybe one year.
but then it blue screened and had to reinstall
running on about six months now still have everything backed up
that is with windows xp
six month alr... actually after using win xp, i felt that it is better than win 98se from my own experience. when i was using 98se, almost everyday i would see the "blue screen of death". but since i used xp, i haf nvr seen it appear b4. i usually reformat not because i haf encountered problems, but because i wanted to speed up and optimise.
Since september 2003 so thats like 2years and 7 months

just scan your pc regurally for spyware, addware and virusses, no problem at all...
well i need a reinstall for my home system once in 4/6 month....
well, i reformat my Windows XP once in every 4-6 months.. XP does become slower and slower after some time..

a few tips to maintain XP for a longer period of time:
- Defragment your hard disk once a month. Get an automated one like Diskeeper if you can afford it.
- Have a decent antivirus, spyware and firewall suite. It keeps those viruses, spyware, adware, etc at bay and prevents them from wreaking havoc, making XP beg you for a reformat..
- Disable unnecessary startup programs/services. It does speed up boot time.

You might want to check out this site: .. Contains useful tips to optimise your computer for performance..
I have reformated my computer three times since xmas 2005. Just because it becomes very slow...
{name here}
Windows ME worked for 4 years with a BSOD coming only once in a great while. I can't say that for Windows XP because I haven't had it long enough, but it has never crashed on me and is really reliable.
My Windows has been running for something like 200 days now.

But wosch, i have reinstalled XP a couple of times before sence 2005.
Almost two years now...if XP is well maintained and you don't get infected with anything, it can run for quite a long time. Personally, I think format and clean install is really routine maintenance for WIndows 98 Wink
I'm reinstall my xp system every 3 months,Because I'm often install and test best new soft on my computer,So there have some system erroe show!
I want to install a linux in next time!! Laughing Laughing
my win xp is running well for about 9 months.but one thing which everyone would have noticed that as time passes,the os gets slower and slower.even tools like defragmenting,spyware etc. are not able to bring that speed i think it is better to format the disk and reinstall the os frequently.this problem is mostly on win xp and 2000 on fat32 systems.i havenot faced this problem with win98 se.also as time passes so many junks are also it is better to format the hd once in 6 months.i wonder it affects the life of disk or not.
Been happy with my win2k installation for 1yr,5mths.
But since last week long shutdown-terms occur so I guess it won't last any longer Wink

By the way:
My Firewall/Router is a Pentium1@100MHz running Mandrake Linux 8.2 for unbelievable 4,5 yrs....
for 1 year but i suffered a lot of things with my Windows XP(viruses,trojans...)but when Vista relase i will reinstall or absolutely delete it...
Me. I have problems with my windows computer.

first I thought it was because I built it and I picked the wrong combunation of parts. So on my next computer I got one from dell.

Still has issues. Every once in a while it will shut down with out warning. some of the time it doesn't even show the bsod. 1 time that happend was I closed doom 3 and windows just shut down. I click quit and my computer turned off. After wtfing for 4 mins I turned it back on and it was ok. The second time was I was surfing the web and it did the same thing. just shut down. The rest of the time it showed me the bsod. Halo is really bad trying to play halo on my computer it gives me an error. I know it isn't the memory I have plenty with 512mbs.

I reinstall windows at least 1-3 times a year. Then reinstall all the drives and hope it works every time I do so.
Its been 1 whole year and 7 odd months.
lol, nice topic

well the lat time i formatted my hdd and reinstalled everthing was 3 months ago, since then everything has been fine!!
No, There is no answer for this question. The windows's life time is a random number. When it burn, you will spend lots of time of fix it(many many patches). When it run, it will take lots of your ram (128M? 256M or more ) to run very simle program. Whenever windows want, it goes to BLUE screen.

Reinstall and goes to the circle again ...
Windows lifetime? I don't really care.
It's just that when something goes seriously wrong or unfavourable, I would go all the way to reformat the drive and do a clean reinstallation of Windows XP. But of course, after all other ways and tricks come to no avail. Installing Windows takes pretty much time, but it's quite hassle-free if you have all the required discs and drivers - which I have. So practically, at this time on average i reinstall windows two times a year on my AMD-based computer.

What I love after every clean install is that it runs very smoothly, like having a new machine. But then, maybe it's my machine that's powerful...
My computer doesn't count, as I repartition and reformat too often. My wife's computern has had Windows XP on it without a reinstall since whenever SP1 came out. I know it was September. 2002, maybe?
Hard to remember exactly, but this June will be 4 years for my XP. I had to replace the hard drive once, but it was a direct clone, so I don't think that counts as a reinstall.

I pay moderate attention to upkeep. Virus, spyware, defrag, monitor services, firewall, firefox (no IE). I still think Microsoft should be destroyed, but this OS keeps chugging for me.
Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 4:56 am Post subject:


No, There is no answer for this question. The windows's life time is a random number. When it burn, you will spend lots of time of fix it(many many patches). When it run, it will take lots of your ram (128M? 256M or more ) to run very simle program. Whenever windows want, it goes to BLUE screen.

Reinstall and goes to the circle again ...

He is right you know...

mac... get mac... or linux if your to lazy to get new hard ware...
scorpio wrote:

My longest lasting OS was WinME which went on for 1 year and 4 months

Wow for me it lasted for 3sec before it Crashed... and then i whent back to 98 2nd edition
About 11 months.

I gave my Dell Inspiron 9000 to my wife after I got a Powerbook. Never had any problems - defrag, anti-virus, spyware
My custom built at work that I use 5-6 days a week for CAD design never had any problems either - 2years and counting.

My Dell didn't come with XP Disks, which I don't like. I've heard that Dell has on option (something like ???+F12 while booting) to return the system to the state it was in when it was bought. Does anybody know more about this? I want to experiment with Linux, but since I don't have the XP install disks, I've been putting it off.
I'm using Mac, but I have windows installed for few weeks now, just to run some games for my reviews.
Hmm... i did my reformat abt 10 months ago bcos i had to install linux and had to repartition the drive.

If you use Windows properly, it will work pretty well without any problems. The only catch being that you dont do any kind of experiments on it. And ya if ur experiments work it will last a bit longer & if u make a very tiny silly mistake get that XP Install CD Razz
Almost a year now!
Of course, I only use it about once every three months, and I never take it out on the internet (The internet is too dangerous a place for something as fragile as windows.).
Every six months I format.
But Windows 2000 lasted longer than XP did. I can't say that for ME though, which was about the worst OS I used.
i used xp for 18 months till my motherboard got burnt last week.hadn't this taken place i am sure i wud have used it till vista came along
I reďnstall every 6 months, even if it's still working.

I think it's better that way to clean the PC and only reďnstall that programs you use then mostly. It keeps the Windows running faster. The more u have installed and don't use, the slower windows will get.

It all has to do with the registry and the dll-files windows will load.

The cleaner your PC, the faster Windows will work.
I believe another computer in my house has run on the same install of Windows XP for a little over 5 years. It's never had a virus, and it gets regular updates. It has been used regularly by four different people, too. It runs the same as the day it was installed. It's shocking that so many people's Windows XP installs break down.

Even though my Windows is pretty reliable, I'm getting a Mac eventually.
Windows XP Pro (RUS) work about 2 year. No problem, no performance degradation. BUT! Every and all new soft I install and un-install only through Ashampoo UnInstaller. And this not advertising, just the fact. It's a great tool to keep your OS in "fast & clean" state. And, of course, anti-virus(DrWeb in my case), personal firewall(ZoneAlarm Pro) and so on.
my windows xp is now runing for a week I think.
I finnaly installed a virusscanner so hopefully it will survive a mega spyware/virusses attack like I had in the windows before Twisted Evil
ok, it was stupid to download flash with limewire but....I couldn't instal it via the www Razz
all this depends on the usage of windows
like if u reguraly update ur antivirus and install a good firewall,use a registry not try unnessary tweaks with little now-how.intall less application(ones only u use, not unnseerary one).your installion may last long for mine is runnimg fine for about 3 yrs

NOTE:frequent formatiing reduces life of hdd
Gaurish wrote:
all this depends on the usage of windows
like if u reguraly update ur antivirus and install a good firewall,use a registry not try unnessary tweaks with little now-how.intall less application(ones only u use, not unnseerary one).your installion may last long for mine is runnimg fine for about 3 yrs

NOTE:frequent formatiing reduces life of hdd

Do you have any reference to support this claim? I am no expert, but I've never heard of this. I don't see how formatting would reduce the life of a hdd.

There is no sarcasm intended with my post.
I do lots of experiments with my WINDOWS XP.
Every time something bad happens and I need to reinstall it.
I reInstall it every 3-4 months or so.
Gaurish wrote:
NOTE:frequent formatiing reduces life of hdd

I have never heard of this before, I will ask it to my hardware teacher when I see him again.

hellrahul wrote:
I do lots of experiments with my WINDOWS XP.
Every time something bad happens and I need to reinstall it.
I reInstall it every 3-4 months or so.

lol I had to do it every month, sometimes I was lucky and it survived 2 months
When I first bought my pc, I used windows for 2 years but I was stupid enough to download CoolWebSearch and windows lagged and eventually was so laggy that I had to reinstall it. I was using windows xp. I reinstalled with windows xp sp2 which is way better than the original.
My dad started out with Windows 3.11 on an old pentium tower in 1995, and has since transferred that install to new harddrives and a different computer (celeron 800Mhz), and upgraded to windows 98 SE (he'll get my xp copy, if i upgrade to vista). He has kept it running since then... Though he's a pretty old school computer user, he started out with punchcards. Rolling Eyes

Although I am trying to get him to switch to linux...
Mine is XP too but i have to reinstall it after 5 months because the microsoft word and powerpoint didn't work... Crying or Very sad
It doesn't seem that anything goes wrong with Windows unless it happens from something else. I had the same install since Sept 2004 until about 3 weeks ago, when I installed a freeware game for my kids. The game ruined the whole OS. It was so bad that I couldn't even reinstall Windows to replace all the .dlls and .vxds that were replaced over the years. I had to reformat and reinstall the whole thing from scratch. Good thing that I had Linux on another drive. I mounted the Windows drive and got all my data that hadn't already been backed up, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
My windows Xp is working great! Now I'm kinda mad because I have to upgrade to vista if XP becomes outdated. I never use spyware/virus/trojan scanners, and I'm still malware free!

If you want to use your computer without any malware scanners, you can't download from spam sites, porn sites, some torrent sites.
I see I'm not the only one, I have Window XP MCE and I've had it since August 22nd 2005, My last computer with Windows ME lasted 3 months, Thats if I'm lucky.

Right now, I have considered to reinstall if many times, But I guess I'll give it some time since it's still in a good shape.
i think 1 year orso but where can i see when i installed win xp? Cool
Hmm 2 months and already thinking of reformatting Embarassed
that’s what u get when u download and install any s*** off the internet d'oh!
3 weeks...
About 2 hours. Lol. Windows XP came with my laptop. Pathetic. I wiped it out and partitioned it and am currently using LINUX.
Windows is a crap. Evil or Very Mad
I need to repair it every month and it got down every time I try to do some experiments with it. (Registry and all that)Embarassed

Its good that i BackUp every week Very Happy
My Windows usually runs for about one year. More or less depending what I done to it.
I keep images of my hard drive and operating system.
So if necessary I reinstall and an image.
Which takes something like about 20 minutes, opposed to about a day or two reinstalling Windows, then reinstalling software. And updating.
And then losing some data that you have not remembered to save.

at least this way I'm not beating my head against a wall as much.
my record is almost 2 years.and my version is windows xp
I'm reinstalled my windows xp and 2003 every half year,Because I'm often test some software in my system,So slow when the software huge,So I reinstall ! Razz Razz Razz Razz
Well its like after some time the windows become slower and i just format my pc to make it bearable once more. But the time varies. It often is between 3 to 6 months. I use windows XP.
Hhmm.. My last re setup of the OS is almost a year ago and I didn't saw any problems so far though I've done reinstallations before. I think the only problem about using Windows is the user itself, i guess. My advice is don't install programs that you dont need (essentially) in the first place the preserve it's performance. Secondly, careful planning on how you'll setup your system.
if you use windows xp with internet explorer and outlook express, format every 3-6 months (because of viruses and adware and spyware)
if you use mozilla firefox and thunderbird, format every 1-2 years if your computer becomes slow (no spyware/adware/viruses!!!)
I usally try to use 2 hard drives in all my Computers running Windows.

1 Hard drive is generally small. About 20 gigs. Just to hold windows and the registry.

the second hard drive is a larger one. This is the one all the Apps are installed on.

How this works.

Install Windows on your first hard drive.

When done Back-up your Reg.

Save it to your second hard drive.

When you go to install a new App. Restore your registry to the one you saved before. (So any spyware that has mess with your registry is gone) Install your App. Then save your registry again. Now you just edited your saved reg to include that app.

When you need to reinstall windows. You just reinstall it and bring back your registry on the second hard drive. This way when you have to reinstall because windows has stored a lot of junk in the hidden folder you don't have to delete all your work.

Just make sure you store it on the 2nd hard drive or when you reformat the first one to reinstall windows you will lose work.
Gone are the days wheni needed to do this reinstall thing. Thanks to LINUX. Anyways, there was a time when i used to use windows and it used to be hell after 3 months from fresh install which i could extend maximum upto 4 months.
Later i started re-installing windows after about 90 days so as to achive continued good performance. Thanks to Norton Ghost , it became much easiler and faster to re-insall windows.
My system (XP Pro SP2 PL) is working 15months now Smile But i think, that I'll reinstal it because ... hmm i added +256RAM , changed GPU from radeon 9000 to 9550 and it will be recomended to reinstal it Smile
In this 15 months - zero crash, bsod or anything like this - stable system if You can take good care of it Smile
I have to format once in 4-6 months and sometimes faster than that!
I last reinstalled maybe about 11 months ago. But I don't use it very much since I got a Mac. That was I think the second time REinstalling since I built the machine (about 3 years ago).
Hey Friends! I have two computers: one desk top and the other lap top. both have windows xp and they are working perfectly for the last 6 months when I had to run some anti virus and anti-spyware programs on them. I installed both windows about a year ago but never installed an anti virus so got some problems. You can say that my windows are working for more than 12 months wihtout a reinstall.
I'm at almost a year, but I do regular virus, spyware scans.
Interesting topic...! I am proud to tell you all that my installation is almost 3 years old now! I installed Windows XP in September 2003... And its working without any problems. I ran an AV scan of all my drives and a Spyware/adware cleanever once every two weeks. And every 3 months I do a registry check and clean all invalid enteries. My system did get infected with spyware/adware around 10 times till date though I was able to remove all the infections without any problems...
I think i have done a record Laughing

i have formatted my laptop 5 times in 2 years Rolling Eyes
Two or three months or longer.
reinstalling xp every 2-3 months, not because of viruses or spyware, but windows starts to be working slower and slower, also when i download new pack of drivers (mobo, graphic card, and other) i'm reinstalling system.
My Windoz is working aprox. 3 months then always I'm formating and reinstaling to get it clear and working fast.

Mine lasted 7 months,good job I have a windows XP Professional disk and my back up disk

But all my programs gone to waste Evil or Very Mad
the max it has lasted me is around 10 months. after that i had to reinstall due to a bad crash. so technically, its not windows fault. but id rather put the blame on MS rather than owning up myself Razz
The Czar
Mine lasted less than 4 days ...
Actually the users' are part of the reason windows needs to be reformatted a lot of times. many windows users download spyware and crap from the internet like smileycentral which is a very spyware that is quite difficult to remove. i downloaded smileycentral and windows started lagging big time. it took more than 10 minutes just to start up. I had to reinstall windows. Because windows doesn't protect against these spyware, users should be more careful in downloading software from the net and not assume that windows will block spyware.
S3nd K3ys
Damn. What the hell are you guys doing with your computers??? Shocked

My laptop has been running for over 4 years, my desktop for over 2 years.

Sure, I've had other XP installs that didn't go so good, my record was about 2 hours. But with a good install, you should get years out of it. Unless you download a bunch of free/shareware, or surf sites that maybe you should be. Wink

It's kind of funny how lots of people blame MS for a lot of the problems which they've brougth upon themselves. Cool
Well, on my old laptop I had Windows XP Professional, and it lasted 2 years! (Though it did start slowing downs and crashing tho, but it didn't crash too often.)
S3nd K3ys
SpellcasterDX wrote:
Well, on my old laptop I had Windows XP Professional, and it lasted 2 years! (Though it did start slowing downs and crashing tho, but it didn't crash too often.)

Mine's slowed down before, but it was never anything I couldn't fix without reinstalling the OS.

PC Maint is a good thing. Wink
I have recently formatted my laptop and reinstalled Win Xp Sp2. The problem i got was related to video and audio codecs. When these codecs go screwed up i couldn't fix it without reinstalling the whole O/S.

This time it just lasted one month. So i 'm thinking of backing up disk image using norton ghost before i install new codec packages( even though i selectively install parts of them)
A year and more, but when I want to change it to Linux, I uninstalled it.
i noticed xp would boot up and run fast the first week or so and then start slowing down. linux, on the other hand, seems to always boot up terribly slow then run fast - but the speeds never change w/ time.
I have 2 xp pro boxes at home, one that is running on over a year and a half with no problems at all and the other i have had to reinstall the OS once every 2 months on average. Of course that is mostly because i use that box to test a lot of programs and in doing so, it is junking up my system, and some programs are also beta testing ones that I try before they are ready to be put out into production, so that has a great deal to do with why i have had to reinstall the OS multiple times. It is not a big deal for me, so i would say that i have not had too many issues that are not relating to knowing that, that is what was going to happen to that one box because of the way i am using it and abusing it for that matter.

i am defintely not very nice to that box at all... ha ha ha. it doesn't like me very much!
afracsass wrote:
I have recently formatted my laptop and reinstalled Win Xp Sp2. The problem i got was related to video and audio codecs. When these codecs go screwed up i couldn't fix it without reinstalling the whole O/S.

This time it just lasted one month. So i 'm thinking of backing up disk image using norton ghost before i install new codec packages( even though i selectively install parts of them)

what codecs were those, because i bet you are able to reinstall them and it should work just fine, with maybe having to reinstall the drivers for your particular audio and video. let me know what codecs those are if you read this, and i will see if i can get those to work so you do not have to uninstall and reinstall the OS again at least for that reason.
The longest time I never go without reformating my master drive and reinstalling the OS is somewhere to between 2 to 3 years. It runs pretty smooth for a computer that is quite old and in comparison to the $500 desktop computers today... and I never upgraded it (only added another hard drive).
Sebaci wrote:
Your windows is working very long. Mine is working for about 6 months but I will need to reinstall it soon

just like me.Recently much of rogue software
I used to Format and reinstall my HDD atleast once in three months. Otherwise my system will become tooo slow due to spyware and virus.
I format my HDD in yearly once. One good idea is my hard disk partition is c, d, e and f. I am formated only the C partition then reinstall that partition. D,E and F have my backup files... Embarassed
Well, i have beeen using the xp that was installed some 2 years ago. Everything was working fine. And just last week, it started hanging and then i had to install everything allover again which is such a pain. Thank god i could back up my files before the crash( i hardly backup usualy). But overall, 2 years is a good time period for an operating system to be up. i am ok with it.
Ok well thanks to a lovely program called Deep Freeze my Windows stays working exactly the way I want it to... and here's how:

Deep Freeze starts with your computer, and ANY changes you make (including safe mode etc.) are reversed upon a system restart. This means that there is no need for antivirus/spyware protection that can drastically slow your computer down, and your computer's performance does not decay over time! By the way, if you are silly enough to download a virus, it can be completely removed by simply restarting your computer.

Here's where it gets a little bit tricky...

So you might wonder "so how do I retain saved data on the HDD?" To do this, you need a program like Norton PartitionMagic. Resize your windows partition to something smaller, and then create a logical partition in NTFS format (if your HDD is in an FAT format, changing the partition size requires formatting the HDD, while changing an NTFS partition does not.) Make the local partition the size that you want to be able to save (and retain) data to. It could be as large as you want, as long as you leave the C: partition at least 15GB in size.

This will then give you two drive letters in My Computer, C: and another. Install Deep Freeze, and tell it to "freeze" c: drive. This will then be completed, and after restarting, any changes made to data on c: drive from that point forward will be reverted.

If you need to permanently modify something on c: drive (eg. adding/removing a program), Deep Freeze can simply be turned off. You will be instructed how to do this when you download the 60 day trial version or order the full version.)

It sounds kind of confusing, but it really isn't! I do this at home, and it's done on every computer at my school (only they dont use a logical partition - they just get everyone to save to their network server). So if you have any questions about this, don't be afraid to ask Smile

You can get a 60 day trial version of Deep Freeze from, and if you like it, its about $40 Smile

So yea, this means NO MORE INSTALLING WINDOWS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! Very Happy Enjoy!
Hi community, Im using windows 2003 server, about 2 years, and I haven't any problem, I want to try Vista Beta 2, but i dont now if this OS works well or is unestable, anyone, if you uset tell me!

My buddy, a compaq presario 2710EA - laptop, is now 5 years, 4 months and 1 week old, and is still running on the first installation (win xp).

I love my wife, but she needs every week new clothes.

I love my buddy a little bit more, he only needs power. And thats a lot cheaper!
My Windows XP has been working for about 3 years until last month when my hard drive crashed so my great uncle is giving me a new 40GB hard drive. Im angry that I'm losing my 60 GB hard drive...
I format my pc every 2 - 4 months, guess it's just bad luck. How can you guys stay with 1 copy of windows for 1 year ?Smile
6 months
Its over half a year when i started this topic. My Windows is still running, but i got problem last week. Windows doesnt start my video driver. After windows boots, i open device manager and i see my wideo card with "!" mark. Then i do "Update driver" next, next, next... and wideo driver comes up.
I tried to reinstall drivers but no luck. So i must use "Update driver" trick every time when booted windows.
Maybe its not very hard to repair that problem, but I will do clean reinstall windows, because there is so many trash on my pc.... Smile
My XP install is about 2 years old and still going strong.
My windows still work fine, not slow at all although I have lots of application on it. I do scan virus and spyware regulary.
i'm a neat-freak and a speed demon,lol, i can't stand anything that performs <100%, longest time i went without reformatting was around 3 years though.

Btw : Hdd's have a limitation on the number of times they can be reformatted. Too many reformats would actually shorten the lifespan of your hard drive.

I always keep 3 partitions minimum. Os partition is kept to the minimum , with only the necessary software and applications. movies, songs etc are stored in the other partition.
before i using deep freeze, i format my windows every 2 or 3 month

try using deep freeze will help you from windows reinstall or format system
Unbelievably, Its been around 3 years. Yes My Windows XP and Windows 98 installation has been working since 3 years. 98 is still smooth, but XP becomes slower and slower each day.
And i think XP keeps creating junk files and contents each day. Also the memory management is too disgustijng.

But It still works well. Its also because my motherboard and harddisk confirugration are quite surprisingly interrelated. If i disconnect and reconnect my harddisk it might not boot next time. Thats why i dont mess with it and keep it running as long as it can.. that is without formatting or reinstalling the operating system.
This is why i have been keeping the same OS installation since those years.
Almost three years now ShockedShocked , but it was very close about a year ago when I installed a new harddrive and windows didn't start up.. I don't knwo what the heck happend but it took me two days to get it right. phuhuu!
My WIndows has been running since 2003 without a reinstall and has just needed some 4 reboots in the last 4 years. Hows that
WinXP SP2... reinstalled after 1 and a half year (still working, but i've been switched to linux Smile ).
And without reboot about 2-3 months.

My suggestion for long keeping WinXP without reinstall:
-dont use IE
-clean registry often
-use FW and AV if u have 0-24 Net connection
-be sure in good hardware stability
bluefish wrote:
My WIndows has been running since 2003 without a reinstall and has just needed some 4 reboots in the last 4 years. Hows that

difficult to believe

how many programs did you install?

my windows needs to reinstall in every 5 month
Basically, it depends on whether connected to internet or not and your system will or will not have security bug.

I think that, if it runs alone. It could be 2-3 year long after you have prepared it to work. I have two windows one for winxp/sp1 and the other is win2000/sp4. It works almost 3 years.

Yes, the hardware device driver is one of the problem that affect the reliabiity but I have assume that you installed a WHCL drivers. This is under a full test within microsoft before it was released.

There was a period when my windows xp was reinstalled every mont or 2 weeks - and it was the problem with the internet use, viruses and spywares. Now it works like 3 months or so without reinstallation. XP is a good OS anyway, I like it.
ive never reinstalled on this pc.. i use to have to reinstall about every 6 months or so, but then i realised if i maintain it by running defrags and other system utility tools i can actually maintain the performance without having to reinstall.. but now that i have majorly changed hardware in my system i think i do need to reinstall as my soundcard driver and utilities are playing up on me, other than that its fine
I do it every month or so, I just backup everything and then reinstall it... Its just a personal thing
I have in my home a windows 2000 prof. and it been in my PC for about 3 years. Let's not talk about the speed issue okey. hehehe
XP service Pack 2

I reinstall it every 2 months. i formatted my HDD and make a clean instalation. i don't know why my XP always Crash and I rarely use Internet Explorer and now i change my Office Aplication with Open Office.
my girldfriend bought a laptop about two years ago, and since she is not familiar with computers she never did anything to maintain it, shockinly (and I guess not surprisingly at the same time) it lasted her till last week. I always wondered how that computer was able to run like that w/o formatting. It crashed and windows could no longer restart. She only has one partition so we thought she'd lose all her file, but we were able to recover them with a live linux CD. The point is that linux rocks, and that Windows, if your lucky or are good at maintain it, can last for sometime before having to clean it up again.
Now at the moment i do not use windows. I went over to Linux for about 3 years ago.

however, when i whas using windows i had an installation for about 3 to 5 months before it whas time to reinstall, but i solved that problem with an recovery cd and Acronis true image, so the only thing i had to do whas to put the disc in and restart the compyter and acronis true image took care of the rest Smile

One thing i've discovered is that a hard drive holds for times longer now when i dont have to reinstall all the time, but i've also discovered after 3 years that theres much more thinking and use of the brain to accomplish all the things that windows makes easy.

But i dont see that as a bad thing.
mine has been running for over 3 years now, no reinstalls. oh yeah! defintely the best OS (microsoft) of all the previous ones for sure. no doubt in my mind there. all the other ones, i felt like i was reinstalling all the time and never got any work done because i was always fixing my computers...those were some sad days... Sad
Mine is still working for abt 1.5 yrs without a reinstall. Although its not as fast as it used 2 b but still faster than most computers. Takes abt 5 mins 2 load
Sava wrote:
I format my pc every 2 - 4 months, guess it's just bad luck. How can you guys stay with 1 copy of windows for 1 year ?Smile

Since you have to reformat so often... I would recommend you use something like Norton Ghost or Acronis TrueImage to make images of your basic installation setup with the essential( to you) stuffs. That way, your "reinstallation" would be like 30mins instead of 3hrs at least.

Personally, I do reinstall of Windows XP every like 3mths not because it is crashing or what. I do it because I got too much junk on it as I like to install freewares to try them out and sometimes uninstall does not clear all the junk( I am picky). So basically, I do a basic install of Windows XP, add the stuffs like driver updates, Windows updates( which can take hours), and do the system tweaking... then I would run TrueImage to save a image of the harddisk content. After which I will carry on with software installation.

And when I need to reinstall, I just pop in the image DVD and 30mins later, I would have my clean system back.
Got one of my pc's 3? years ago? Still haven't had to reinstall. It is a good habit to run virus and spyware scanners every week as well as making sure that website you go to are not going to install malicious software. A good way to avoid such sites when you surf google is the McAfee SiteAdvisor. It's a free application that adds a red or green mark next to each link in google, telling you if the site has malicious code or not.
This is a funny question to me. In the Linux world, the question would be, "How long since the last reboot." And people would give the same answers. I don't have any problems running Windows. Not sure how long it's been, but over a year I think. The last time I had to reinstall was because my hard drive failed. Then again, I pretty much only use my Windows machine to play FFXI.
My winxp and win2000 system were running about 4 years already. Before win2k. I really needs re-install the system about 3-4 month. The most reasons were due to death of blue and the memory leak. For now, I do like to seem the windows os is far enough stable. As I'am writing this post. My computer is on-line about 2 weeks without turnd-it off. It still running smooth. Smile
My Windows XP PRO running 6 month and as yet, there is good.
I dont bother reinstalling. I have a acronis true image hard drive backup of my windows xp partition which i did just after installing all my drivers and applications which i often use and getting everything just how i like it., so if things start getting messy or want to clean things up i can just roll back to that in 4 mins, rather than having to go through a full reinstall and reconfigure of my xp system which would normally take a couple of hours. Probably about 6 months of normal use before i will feel the need to `roll back` my drive. Smile
I actually have a copy of Windows that's running for 13 years straight without ever reinstalling on one of my old computers. It runs Windows 3.1! Laughing
Well my Windows 2000 lasts for a while too. The thing is that I really don't know exactly how long mine lasts because we usually reformat that partition about every 6 months or so just to clean it out. I would definitely reccommend using windows 2000 over XP though because my husband and I have worked on many computers and the ones that seem to have the most problems are the ones that are using windows xp. Besides, it looks like a little kid game or cartoon. It is not very professional looking. It is also not very user friendly whereas 2000 is very user friendly. All in all I would reccommend reformatting your OS partition every 6 months or so just to clean it out and I would also recommend not using windows Laughing
Studio Madcrow
My Win2k install has lasted for several years. Then again, all it's ever used for is emulation and gaming...
mine is working for abt 6 months.N yes there is no dout that xp is much better than 98 n 95.Now lets hw stable vista is?
My operating system is Windows XP Professional and it runs for about 8 months. I don't want to reformat due to the fact that I have so many important documents and software that are stored in my hard drive. I just maintain my operating system every week. Doing scan disk, disk defragment, registry cleaning and virus scanning is just an easy task for me. Also I'm waiting for Windows XP SP3 to be released. I don't have any plan to upgrade my Windows XP to Windows Vista because its expensive and my computer specifications doesn't have the capabilities to run Windows Vista.
My rigs been running fine, now reduced to a jog, without any reinstall/format for past 2-1/2 years on windozexp. Hard to believe but regular defragment and 'zonealarm' has kept it free from any 'pests' or OS native troubles till now. Touchwood..

Most of my work revolves around programming and 3d models which means lesser the freq. of installation/uninstallations of any programs/games.
Maximum 6 Months...
During school time I will also reformat my PC after every major project.
Very depending but not often less than six mounth.
an old computer at home with window 98, we never reinstall for 3-4 years. I was a huge difference between before and after the reinstall. Musch faster Smile We only had a 56k modem so it doesn't got so much viruses.
I have been using it for 6 months now without reinstall, before that it blue screened Rolling Eyes
it will last longer if you keep the bad stuff out
i'm using my windows xp about 3 years ago n now still working..
i never install software that used to setting windows..
8 months, because I do all the dangerous stuff with Linux now Smile
Kitten Kong
I know my windows cd key from memory
Mine is wrkin for over 1.5 yrs without reinstall even though lotta programs installed. Though the startup time increased by 30 secs since i installed the firewall. But otherwise it works perfectly. And seein the curent situation it shud run 1 more yr without ne problems, if i dont mess up that is
Yes, the system worked fine, but because I have to upgrade my hardware. So I have to update install the system or re-install it depends on I could passed it or not. Actually, if the system haven't infected with viruss. It should be running longer than windows 9x family of system. Smile
I run XP Pro and this time it has lasted over 1 year!
I normaly find that after about 4-6 months it slows right down and needs to be re-installed.
I regularly clean the disks and registry (only do this if you know what you are doing!).
depends on the use of my computer!

Server - around ever 2 years
Personal - 3 months.

hahaha. Laughing
mines survive for more than 2 years already. It is on a pentium 3 600MHz machine. I unisyall all the rubbish except thos critical. SO , i think this make it can run for so long.
Before that , i keep install and uninstall the program. Hence , none of my system can last more than 6 months.

i think more than 1 year is good enough.Many of my friends reinstalling Windows each 4 month(1 semester).
actually my windows worked well for 2 years without reinstall but I screwed my hardware so had to send back to IBM so i reformatted before shipping Smile

on my lappy I did many hibernates & only shut down my lappy once a week or whenever updates are necessary Smile
1 year. No updates or anything.
It depends on what happens to your computer in order to do a fresh reinstall. Viruses/trojans can mean a fresh reinstall depending if they are cleaned or not. You should not go over 2 years without a fresh reinstall, it'll keep your PC top notch.
Kitten Kong wrote:
I know my windows cd key from memory

Lol, thats great, i got to a point where i did also (2 reinstalls a month) but now im fine, dont know what happened....
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