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Duke Lacrosse Q/A

Really Interesting. Just found out 2 of 3 players were accused by a male with 100% accuracy of the rape.

Q: Will Duke field a men's lacrosse team next year?
A: Hard to say. There is certainly pressure on the school from the community to drop the sport. Duke senior associate athletic director Chris Kennedy told Newsday last week that such a decision will not be made until May. Even if there is no team, Duke has said it will honor the scholarship obligations to current players and high school seniors who signed letters of intent.

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Q: What options will be presented to current Duke players who are not implicated in legal charges?
A: There are plenty of college lacrosse coaches figuartively lined up outside the gates of Duke waiting to snatch players as they leave the Durham campus. Duke had one of the deepest, most talented rosters in the nation with players who could help nearly every team in the nation. No current Duke player has expressed a public interest in transfering, and they probably won't until the future of the program is decided next month.

Q: Could they play at another school next season?
A: Possibly. NCAA bylaw allows student-athletes in some sports a one-time transfer exception, and men's lacrosse is one of those sports. To qualify a student must not have transferred already, must be in good academic standing, and must have the permission of the original school, in this case Duke. A clarification will need to be made whether the players on this year's team were technically suspended when the season was cancelled last month -- in which case they would have to sit out a full year before playing at another institution -- or if they are still in "good academic standing" and eligible for next season at another school.

Q: What happens to the high school seniors who already signed with Duke for next season?
A: There are four of them on Long Island, and so far none of them have decided if they will attend Duke or re-enter the recruiting world. This week Duke announced it would free all of its men's lacrosse recruits from their commitments. Again, most will likely wait to see if Duke has a lacrosse team next season. The university has said it will honor the scholarship offers regardless of the team's status, but it is hard to imagine any of these highly touted players going to a school without playing lacrosse.

Q: Aren't most rosters already filled for next season? Won't it be hard for players and recruits to find a team with an opening?
A: It will be hard to find scholarship money, but men's lacrosse porgrams are allowed only 12.6 full scholarships per season which means very few players receive a full ride. Coaches may be willing to offer a player more scholarship money for the 2008 season to make up for a lack of funding in the 2007 season. Considering Duke is one of the top and most expensive private colleges in the nation, it may actually be cheaper for some players to attend a state school (Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina) without scholarship money than it costs to attend Duke with the financial help of the scholarships.

Q: Could any of the players wind up at Long Island schools?
A: Hofstra athletic director Jack Hayes and Stony Brook athletic director Jim Fiore both said they have not been contacted by any Duke players regarding a possible transfer, but 14 of the current Duke players are from Long Island and a return home might be attractive. Stony Brook does offer the public school tuition break for in-state residents mentioned above. Players cannot contact coaches or officials from other teams until they are freed of their obligations at their current school, and since no Duke players have yet asked for or been granted a release technically any coach who contacts them now is in violation of NCAA rules. That rule even applies to Hofstra coach John Danowski, who cannot discuss possible transfer scenarios with his son Matt Danowski, a junior at Duke and one of the nation's most talented players.
Wonder where this came from Rolling Eyes
the situation at Duke is really messy. i found out today that 2 players were indicted by grand jury, and i think i heard that seniors that signed there have the choice to stay or not, but i only think a few are leaving.
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