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Winamp Nostalgia

It's been with me when i was sad and listened to soft music, when I had a party, when I downloaded my first song, when I heard my first LP song, when I recorded my first song(with a stupid band made of me and my friends), when I first did something creative with my PC(that was making Classic skins) and when I started programming(that was making Modern Skins). Winamp has been responsible for all the programming languages I know and for all the experiments that I do with my PC. It has been very close to me. Here is a tribute to it, through a nostalgia tour of the great software, phenomenon and inspirer.

The Winamp 0.XX series

Winamp 0.2

Download Winamp 0.2

Winamp 0.92

Download Winamp 0.92

Winamp 0.93 Beta

Download Winamp 0.93 Beta

Winamp 0.95

Download Winamp 0.95

Winamp 0.96 Beta

Download Winamp 0.96 Beta

Winamp 0.97 Beta

Download Winamp 0.97 Beta

Winamp 0.99

Download Winamp 0.99

The Winamp 1.xx series

Winamp 1.00

Download Winamp 1.00

Winamp 1.10

Download Winamp 1.10

Winamp 1.40

Download Winamp 1.40

Winamp 1.50

Download Winamp 1.50

Winamp 1.60

Download Winamp 1.60

Winamp 1.666

Download Winamp 1.666

The Winamp 2.XX series

Winamp 2.00

Download Winamp 2.00

Winamp 2.10

Download Winamp 2.10

Winamp 2.95 Full

Download Winamp 2.95 full

Winamp 3 Alpha1

Download Winamp 3 Alpha1

Winamp 3.0 Build#488

Download Winamp 3.0 Build#488

Winamp 5.XX series - Present Day

Winamp 5.05 Beta

Download Winamp 5.05 Beta

Phew.. that was something. I'm sorry but some of the players from 2.xx series and 3.xx series are missing namely, 2.96, 2.97, 2.97a and 3.01, 3.0 Beta.
Heh, we can conveniently forget about the 3 series. That was awful.

Shame that Winamp hasn't moved forward with the times. It could do with a seriously revamped library editor to take it into the league of iTunes.
I like the look of the 0.2 version. It really looks like the first version of every program I make Very Happy

And I really think Winamp mustn't look like iTunes, for the people like me, who don't like the look of iTunes. It's always good to have different programs that look like different, so everyone can find something good.
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