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Yes Yes a site about cricket in ..... Belgium

hi Guys,
We are a young cricket team (Made in 2001) consisting mainly out of pakistani guys living in Belgium.
I have tried to make a simple, yet interesting site.
i guess all essentials are there. Like a guestbook, players info, division tables, forum, links,...
But it would be nice if you guys could throw a critical glance on it. Dont be harsh, i am just a starter. but all constructive advise is welcome.
The site is Simple and really nice for a beginner

But the one thing i would suggest is REMOVE THE FRAMES

You can make a good site without it

The fact is no search engine will crawl pages with frames.

So effectively your site will not be listed at all

So visitors will be very less

Keep the rest of the design. They are nice
i don't entirely believe that a search enmgine wont crawl pages with frames, for instance a google search for crescent cricket puts that site on top

but i know there would be alot more work for him if he deid remake it without frames

it's a nice site very simple but good for what it is for
I have one question more about the site.
I want my forum to be integrated in my site. I want the site menu at the left hand side to remain where it is. But how can I do that effectively ? ?
The way I have done it now is place the forum in an iframe.
Disadvantage is that some pages in the forum are longer than the iframe so a piece falls off. while other pages in the forum are short so i have a big piece of the iframe over.
What can i do people ?
i also agree that search engines will not be too negativly affected by frames. whats wrong with putting all your meta data in the index page, and no meta in any of the other pages? then a search engine will only draw on the first page and because it is the index page, visitors will come to the 'start' of the site and navigate from there...

one thing i would do is fix the banner, that red on the green kills every colour scheme rule there is and makes me look away before i finish reading it!
Nice to hear cricket club from Belgium. Shaoib and Waqar's picture in the banner is nice too.

A little more organizing the site will help. Better not to use frames after frames they are not search engines friendly site as well.
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