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Interesting topic...
After reading that I had a look at a few more places regarding this topic and it seems there is a lot of talk about a boycott but surly this is not going to happen...

I am not too happy with what there doing really, with the Tiananmen Square Massacre cover up to China's version of Google but, even if they didn’t make these search terms vanish would China's government just ban Google? Which would just have the same affect but China's people would be missing out on a great resource... Although it would be nice to see a company as big as Google to stand up for what is right rather than contradicting there motto of "Don't Be Evil"

So I will not be taking part in any boycott besides Google is extremely valuable to me search, Adsense, Gmail, analytics......

P.S. redice that should have been in a quote
As much as i agree with the idea of boycotting google. It's almost impossible, almost every website has some form of advertisments 85% of the time they are from google. Boycotting Google would mean boycotting every website that uses adsense, which is hard to even think of. Plus, from the downfall of google, think of how many billions of dollars that would be lost! Plus i dont want to give up Gmail Smile
Google is not here for social service or freedom. Its a business and business is almost every time evil. Google is doing this because they do not want to loose from a growing market like china that can really earn google some serious money. Its all about money honey.
Precisely! Who would want to lose even a few million bucks?

Not you certainly

Ok you may say that even after having a 100 Billion value company this may be cheap, but money is money

It is after all better than nothing

They cant do anything against the crazy communists there

If ya cant beat'em join'em
I went to to see for myself if that was true and typed in "Tiananmen Square Massacre" for a regular web search and image search. Both turned up photos/stories about the Massacre. Then I put in just "Tiananmen" and turned up many smiling tourists. However, there were a few photos of the massacre. I tried the same search term in, and came up with the famous tank photos, etc. So, either they didn't completely censor the search, or someone may have google bombed the Chinese version.

Links to the different searches:
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