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Do you play online games?

do u play in a online line games?
i mean MMORPG (Massive Multyplayer Online Role Playing Game) or
FPS (First Personal Shooting) games?
or any game with a lot f players?
if u do in what games?
i played in
gun bound, muonline, wow, knight online, maplestory, gunzonline, counter strike and more...
what about u?
I have played many of them. MMORPGs: World of Warcraft, Tibia; FPS - Quake II, Quake III Arena, Counter Strike, Counter Strike: Source, Unreal Tournament... and I have tried Far Cry. I've played RTS too - Warcraft III, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Starcraft.
u played the global wow?
cause blizard ( the company who developed WoW) takes money for the game some ppl developed a privet server witch are free.
i played there.
I've played lots of games too, some of my favourites are World of Warcraft, Tibia, SWAT 4, (Open) Transport Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon (1), Age of Empires, and I like them all much, I play them a little on and of. (Not AoE so much these days..)
My favourite online game of all time is: Diablo II: Lord of destruction.
runner up is Guild Wars, since 90% of the company that develops it are X-blizzard workers. Go old blizzard!

Aanyhow, I also played Jedi Academy a lot online, ages ago, and I had high rankings in Command and Conquer: Generals.

At the current moment, the only online game I play is bejeweled 2 by popcap games. it's the easiest game to play at work Smile
u played the global wow?
cause blizard ( the company who developed WoW) takes money for the game some ppl developed a privet server witch are free.
i played there.

Most time I played at free WoW servers, but I have seen official Blizzard server (and played few hours on it).
I highly suggest that everyone here, if even for a second, play Kingdom of Loathing. It's getting better every day and is incredibly deep, as hollow as the premise may seem.
I play quite a few games online. Such as Counter Strike, Battlefield 2, Coall of Duty, Age of Empires, Lord of the Rings Battle For Middle Earth and a few more. Most gamers today play there games online due to a number of reasons. For instance the fact that online gaming offers competition, variety of gameplay scenarios, a chance to interact and many other advantages that you just don't find in single player gameplay.
I'm hooked on Metroid Prime Hunters online mode. Playing with humans rather than bots is definitely alot funner and that's what online lets you do.

NOTE - By the way, if you ever meat me online you will be pwned!1!1!
I only play the free ones, by free I mean one you pay for it there is no more charges except for upgrades. Games like Guild Wars, MS Dungeon Siege, etc.

I just can't see paying a monthly charge.
mistuh griddlez
I PLAY THE GREATEST FPS IN THE WORLD....HALO!!! I love it cuz the multiplayers free and you can play on new maps and there's a flame thrower!! Also you can use a rocket launcher warthog in the multiplayer too! Halo for PC Kicks major A**!!
i cant play online games due to crappy 256kbps capped connection of mine Sad Sad
I've grown tired of online games lately. I'm too lazy to gain levels forever. Razz
i do love online games, especially chess online by yahoo games. im addicted getting my score higher and competing with the chess masters.
I play a lot Counter Strike, Enemy Territory and FarCry. But I play both CS 1.6 and CS: S, and I like both game a lot. So my problem is that I'm good in almost all FPS games (not pro), and I like all FPS games.

Man, thats not fun. When I wanna play, I have problems choose which game I shall play...
I play aoe and ogame. that's all Smile
I have play online game and I like MMORPG.
Laughing I play warcraft3 B net

such as DotA,X-Hero,bio,....etc


it's a lot of FUN !!
I play BF2 online, WoW (Blizzard servers), and Unreal Tournament 2004 online. 3 wonderful games.
I played runescape if u no it .. and i played warcraft the frozen throne on-line. Also i hv played age of mithology online and its update the "titans expansion pack" Very Happy
I play Call Of Duty and the United Offence and Warcraft 3 and Frozen Throne all online and a little BattleField 1942. I like them all.

I forgot I also play CounterStrike source and Half Life 2 DeathMatch. Wink
I've mostly been playing with Operation Flashpoint online. But sometimes I play with Half-life and its mods as well. Serious Sam is fun to play with other people, only the coop though, not the deathmath.
I play Guildwars only for the most part, but I do have a WOW account on a private server. I log into once in awhile, but I haven't really played it for a long time. To many issues that make it not enjoyable and I can't justify paying a monthly fee. I have also played on a few NWN servers some good some bad and filled with hackers.
I used to play C&C: generals online (altough a game didn't last longer then 10 min since everybody is just rushing). I also loved to play Half life 2 online, I wasn't very good at it though, I was able to shoot down many people, but I got killed very easily Confused
I play world of warcraft Very Happy lots of fun....never had much fun playing online rpgs before but ever since this game came along it has transformed my veiw towards them Smile the whole concept is just sooooo cool.
I'm playing Lineage II, World of Warcraft and MU Online Smile
I play WoW and Ragnarök.
Both are awesome games.
i play call of duty and call of duty and call of duty:D


call of duty Very Happy
muonline, wow, knight online, maplestory, gunzonline realy good games i even have my own mu privet server Laughing
I haven't played much multiplayer games, with the exception of WoW. I played since opening day till about the 16th of this month. Real servers ftw.

I didn't mind the cost at all, considering the amount of time I killed playing it. I'd still be playing now if I didn't have to rearrange my priorities:(

Some might call me "dumb" for paying to play, but my philosophy has always been to pay for games worth playing. Also, the gaming industry is where I'd like to be working very soon, so if I don't support it, who will?
i do not like to play i do not like to play the online games.but my classmates and my roommates are playing them.the have fall them to
If you all have not seen this online browser game, you are TRULY! missing out, Combat Grounds Is one of the best games that I have ever found on the internet.... Strategy, skill and alliances are paramount...... This game is free but you can also pay and recieve subscriber benefits Smile
Dude its no the you pay its that you burnd "presos time"
by this time you culde have meaed a new MMORPG game?!?!?! Shocked
YES !! I play omage all the time Laughing it's great. I play UNI 16 at .org at the momment...
i dont liike these browsergames, cause they force u to play around the clock to compete with other players...

but i played 3d mmorpgs for a while...

it started with dark age of camelot (since open beta),
then i went to eve-online,
world of warcraft,
today i play freeworlds a tc for freelancer and im more happy with it than any other onlinegame i played before ... its relatet to the skill on yor mose/stik and it offers decent rollplay on the right server with right mod Smile
I played some MMORPGs. Mainly all games from Valve/Steam. Also Played:

- WoW (For a short time. Couldnt play games with monthly bills)
- GuildWars (Best in my opinion for "free" play)
- Counter-Strike 1.6 & Source (addicted)

if anyone had xfire hit me up.
xfire: siempre fresco
I Play World Of Warcraft

The best online game out there and well worth £8.99 a month
and it's addictive

I also play Runescape to kill time.
It's a pretty simple game.
But still a good game to play
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