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What do you think about Poland?

What do you think about my country? Smile
I have heard about it but never have a chance to visit your country.

I recently saw a news that said that a bollywood movie was shot there so I will try to figure out which movie it was and then would love to watch the movie just to see your country.

You can tell me more about it.

By the way, is Belgium near Poland, if I am not mistaken.

What would be the time taken to reach there.

Please REPLY
I don't know what movie you talked about Confused
Belgium is not so near the Poland, there's Deutschland between Poland and Belgium. If you want to travel to Poland, go to Cracov, it's very touristic city and attractiv Wink I don't know how much time it would take to reach to Cracov, but I think it's 20-30 hours (by bus)
I've been near there (Rumania and Hungary) but never to Poland. Maybe next time...
I saw the "Rick Steve's Europe" on Poland it looked quite good but I don't think I'd ever really go to Europe to go just to Poland, but it I were in Europe I probably would go.

I just hope all poles aren't like Stanley in "A Street Car Named Desire"
Well I read a lot about it

Never got a chance to visit it YET!!

I will come there when I can.
I was in Szczecin a few years ago. Probably going to Kraków in a month or two. Poland is the one country in Europe that I've visited the least (except I haven't been to Albania or Lithuania yet) - in spite of it being so close.

The one thing I noticed about Poland (I think I mentioned this in the "best cities" or "want to travel?" thread) is that the Polish people - at least young people - seem extremely negative towards their country. Heard this a lot in Szczecin: "This is a **** country, Szczecin is a **** town". People went to great lengths to tell us everything bad they could think of about their country and home town. They were also the ones recommending Kraków, though Smile
I like pierogies and pazcki's.

That's pretty much all I know about Poland Razz
One of my friend, she's from Poland too.
{name here}
I've went to my home country of poland before. Gdansk was my favorite city I've visited, almost like Krakow, but I had a much better time there. A car trip to Gdansk from Warsaw would be a couple hours, but be sure to take the highways - they're very uncongested, but there is a toll every couple miles.
Polish foods are pretty good, flaki(a soup) is pretty dang good. The only food that you should avoid is Duck Blood Soup(which sounds similar to charneenye in english alphabet sounds), which IMO tastes a bit nasty.
is very good
I mentioned to you that a Bollywood movie was shot there.Yes, i was right
infact a bollywood movie named 'Fanaa' has been shot there and would be released on May 26 2006 worldwide.

It stars the King of bollywood, Aamir Khan and Queen of Bollywood , Kajol.

It is from the Yash Chopra Camp.

The whole film has been shot there except a few parts, and looking at the trailers Poland looks quite stunning.
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