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Hamster Get Aways

Our latest Hamster has now gotten away on Thanksgivings, Independence Day and now just last week. We found him after he made a nest out of one of my wife's shirts, totally ruining it.

Previous hamsters have been rescued form the furnace ducts, and I have now put wire meshes in all the grates to keep that from happening.

I have also stay up all night many times listening for them when they come out at night. He have had that kind of pet for 10 years now and keep getting new stories to tell.

Is your hamster that good at escaping?
Our latest Hamster has now gotten away on Thanksgivings, Independence Day and now just last week.

put a one inch rope anround his neck and tie it to your table.
he wont be getting away so soon this time Smile

but as hamsters are quite clever, he might nibble through the rope
=> buy a steelcable Cool
Both of my hampsters I had escaped. One of them climbed to the top of the bottle and then pushed out the top of the cage. I really dont know how to pushed up the top of the cage but all I saw him do was biting on the cage the day before and I put a book ontop of it but that day he escaped I forgot to put the book on top of it.
@ml they will gnaw that rope and get out faster then you would ever believe.

They are born escape artists. One of ours pulled the metal tab then then listed a huge metal cage up to escape under it! I have everything wired now, and I get it still finds a way out. Very Happy
One time my hamster had nibbled away at the plastic bit on the cage, releasing the door so it had no clip. We had looked everywhere, moved all the furniture and just couldn't find him, a few days later we noticed little paw prints of soot on the fireplace, so we had the fire removed and a flash light put up, but still no sign of him! My mother had many restless nights because we had a brand new leather sofa and she kept dreading him chewing that. We had bought a mouse trap, a humane one I might add. We put it out on the night, woke up the next morning and the food had gone, the trap was closed, and there was no hamster? He was to fat to fit all the way in so it didn't close on him! So we decided to put magazines in a pile, up towards his cage with food in so he fell in, so we did that and the next day, the food was gone but he was still on the run! He could climb up the cage and start swinging about on it if he wanted, so we repeated the process but this time lining the rim of the cage with a bin liner so it was a slippery surface and he couldn't grab hold of it. The next morning we woke to find him in the cage swinging on the bars and running around like a maniac, he was so peeved off that he'd be caught again! Just thought i'd share my story with you and give you a good idea how to catch a hamster on the loose!
My pet hamster (harvey) was in this really nice, secure cage, and we had had him for quite a while, but he somehow learnt to escape from it, and i didnt't know how! we found him one day coming up from a little hole in the floor! I didnt know how he was getting out, but he always seemed to return, so we put a little ladder where the hole was so he could easily climb up. But one day he didnt come back for ages, so while i was at school (and didnt realise) my mum went out and bought a new one, but when she came back with the new hamster, Harvey was back in the cage, smiling at her! so we ended up getting another cage and having two hamsters! (because they like invade each otherds territory if you put hem together, except at birth) Smile
Mr Smith
The last time my mte ever had a hamster was when I accidentaly shot it, thinking it was a rabbit. I personally haven't ever liked these little piggish things, discusting things...
A friend of mine had a hamster and he squeez trough the little airholes whole the time. It was very funny watching him when he did that!!
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