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Can anyone help me remember this book?

Alright so here's the deal: About ten years ago I read this book I got from the local library. I loved the book and it was a book in a series... but now I have no idea what the book is called and so I can't try to find it again.

Here's what I remember:

- It was about a man and his girlfriend (wife?) who got sucked into a portal or something and wound up in a mystical land.

- The man is a natural wizard is this land and begins his learning from this crazy wizard who lives in the woods.

- The first spell he learns (and the one he is best at) is to shapeshift into a dragon.

- The way you cast a spell is by mentally writing a formula on the inside of your forehead and then "burning it in".

- There is an etereal bank that keeps track of how much wizards use their magic, as you have to gain points/funds with the bank to cast spells. These can be recieved by purchasing them with gold/jewels or by doing goos deeds.

So that's it... I hope someone can help me out. If I can think of anything else I remember with the book, I'll post it... Thanks everybody!
to be honest it may be the original source to Hunter X Hunter Greed Island (which is an anime) or tsubasa chronicles. If you research into it you may find the book but i sort of doubt it.

if i were u i would ask a librarian if u have a vague idea of the name or author. Otherwise i cant help you.

Good Luck!

I found out which book it was, if anyone is reading this at a later date.

It's called "The Dragon Knight" and it's by a man named Gordon R. Dickson.

I was at the library and vaguely remembered the title "The Dragon King", I searched in the library computer catalogue (at the library where I originally got the book) and then "The Dragon Knight" was four results down.
Sounds interesting, I'll check it out.
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