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3D Animation Movies

First of all, I have a question about the two newest one's that came out this weekend: The Wild, and Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

I am planning on going to go see Ice Age 2 as I LOVED the first one. But I was wondering if anyone has seen it yet?

About the Wild... It looks like a bad rip off of Madagascar, which was great. However I'm not sure I'm too impressed with the animation, modeling and everything for The Wild. I'm also not very willing to pay 7 bucks for a movie that's gonna basically be another company's version of something that's already been done. If anyone has went to see it, please let me know what you thought! ^^

My next question is: What is your favorite 3D Animated movie? I'm interested to know everyone's thoughts on this and why they like the movie they choose. I'm a 3D animation junkie, and this currently has a bit to do with my furture career choice anyway (Digital video & game design).

Thanks for your input!
I've seen Ice Age the next day it came out and I can tell you it was a okay movie. For once they gave more time to the squirrel and his funny antics of trying to get that nut. But I'm not going to give out spoilers unless you want some. Other than that, The movie is about the Ice Age coming to an end and the gang having to go to a Boat "A rip off of Noah's Ark" to survive the flooding that about to happen.
...and don't ever forget that there are not only one mammoth left in the world! :p Watch the movie and you will know what I mean.
I haven't seen either movie you mentioned so I cannot comment on them.

My favorite movie would probably have to be: Toy Story

There are so many good animation movies it is hard to have just one favorite, so I'll also tell you that I enjoyed Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, Shark, Madasgascar, Ice Age, and one that you may not consider - 'Who Killed Roger Rabbit'. And there are many others.

I think these all have the same things in common - good story, some humor, appeal to both adults and children.

On another note, the one animated movie I didn't really like was 'The Polar Express'.
I liked Ice Age 1, it was a good movie, 3D animation movies are in my opinion very good! Wink I hope to see Ice Age 2 also!
I wish they would make more things in 3D! Laughing

3D is a good way to make movies and cartoons etc! Laughing
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