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What game are you waiting for on xbox 360

What do you consider the best shooter on xbox live at this time
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
 100%  [ 3 ]
Battlefield 2:MC
 0%  [ 0 ]
Quake 4
 0%  [ 0 ]
The outfit
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 3

hi guys im a australian and im looking for frinds to play 360 with what games doyou play? and what is you gamer tag? what games are you waiting for ?

my gamer tag is AVCG stone
i currently play perfect dark zero and G.R.A.W
along with the mp demo of the outfit
im planing on getting Blazing angels the outfit bf2mc

games im looking fwd to huxley, overG fighters, starcraft ghost, brother in arms 3 and many oters that dont have much info on
C'mon, it just has to be the most awaited Halo 3, should such a thing exist... I cannot wait for that game.... Smile Wink
Battlefield 2:MC waiting for this game
1 game?? Yeah right!!! I mean I can't wait to get the console. I love it looks, functionality, and its games!! There are tons of killer games on the way: Fable 2, Gears of Ware, Jade Empir 2, KOTOR 3 (I guess!), Chrome Hounds, Mass Effect, Halo 3 (duh!!), Prey, Kameo, Test Drive:Unlimited, Oblivion... I had better go now as I don't want my reply to turn into an article. So take care guys, and good luck mate on your purchase. Smile
I really wanted to buy an Xbox 360 but pursuaded myself not to, as i'm always on the PC and I already have a normal Xbox which I play once in a blue moon and only a few games, and a PS2 that I play like every 2 weeks but i've started playing a bit more now, with quite alot of games. I had insurance money so I could of afforded one but I didn't think there was much point in getting one, I still want one but I also don't, because of money. If I sold my PS2 + games and Xbox + games, i'd get ripped off because both haven't really been used very much, especially Xbox and I would just lose to much money, and it's not worth it!
good to see some posts well somthing im waiting that will overall out rule halo 3 i recon will be huxley any1 seen any video clips go to and chk em out another im bloody hanging out for is chrome hounds this all so looks awsome overg fighters looks cool for all them fighter jocks

as fro blazing angels i was some what disapointed with the arcadyness of it i still think crimson skies beats it hadnds down and well CS2 will be awsome but its still only a rumor as with MA3 stay tuned guys ill be posting some reviews soon
along with medal and mp unlocks information for the outfit
well i got graw, so now im waiting for Huxley.
The most anticipated game in XBOX 360 was the Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION! Luckily, it got released last March and had received numerous praises and citations! If you have an XBOX 360 then it is a no brainer to grab a copy of OBLIVION and star exploring the vast fantasy world of Tamriel! Smile
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