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Driving Permit Test

I just took the driving permit knowledge test 10 mins ago and I fail it...

Well, I expect to fail it because I don't know what it is going to be like and what kind of question they going to ask.

However, I am confuse with some of the question, the correct answer doesn't make sense.

For example:

If one of your tire blow out, what shold you do?

First I think holding the sterring wheel will be the answer because it keep the car from loosing control.

But then, I think if the tire was blown, wouldn't the car headed to the direction which the tire was blown? If the left tire blown, the right tire will go farther than the left becuase the tire give it a larger rotating surface, so it should head left.

So I choose take foot off the gas padel because it will slow down a little bit and the car wouldn't crash to the side as fast..

But, later, I found out that the answer was holding the wheel hard. wtf!

Is there any site out there give knowledge test simulation? I don't want to waste 2 hours again waiting and fail...
I'm taking drivers ed right now and my teacher gave me a packet with like 50 questions that will be in the test(california). I don't have a scanner though and I don't feel like typing it, I will for money though. Rolling Eyes lol, it's a lot that's why.
Go to this link. I just looked it up when I saw your post. Select your state. It will take you to a new window. Ignore the "order now" button. Scroll down below that to where it says "Take the DMV.ORG Drivers License Practice Test now >>" and click that. Hope it helps you! And, by the way, it is free.
oh thanks. I am planning to retake it next week
You should just take it online go to its easier when you take it online you could have the book right in front of you and just take the picture when you get to the DMV just take your picture.
You should be able to get a small booklet from your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) that contains all of the basic traffic laws, regulations, and proceedings. I simply read the booklet and easily passed my permit test.
I'm thinking of getting my driver's license soon, probably by this week, but am not sure about the rules here in the US as I've only been here for less than a year.
i don't even know what all these test are all about.... i dont have to take em.... in my country you go pay and get a not that easy but its not that hard either.....

P.S. im only 15..... and i drive........ haha..
The test in PA was a joke. The "practice" question asked "In what state are you taking this test?" One of my actual questions showed a picture of a red octagon and asked "What traffic control sign has this shape and color?" No wonder there's so many idiots on the roads.
For the written test, I took it in the classroom right near the end of the course. This saved me a lot of time at the DMV when I went down there to take the driving test.

For the Behind-The-Wheel part of the class I was in, I failed 1/2 of it because I lacked on practicing. I got an F on that part.

The other 1/2 I did better with, because I forced my parents to take me out like every night so I could pass the damn thing. I got a C on that 1/2, which averaged me at a D for both, which let me passed Behind-The-Wheel.

Oh goodness, I was so nervous the night before I went in to take the test at the DMV (the driving part, as I took the written portion in my school). I dreamt that a race car was chasing me everywhere and I couldn't avoid it. Sounds funny to me now, but it was really a frightening time for me.

When I took the driving test at the DMV, it really was quite simple. I only went on 2 busier streets and 2 secluded streets, did a turnaround, and headed back to the DMV. I partially messed up on parking in the parking lot, I overturned to get in (luckily no cars were around when I was doing my last park), so I corrected myself saying I wasn't finished. I passed it.

Most of it is common sense. We had a big discussion in our class about a tire blowing out on a car. I forget what we discussed but it's some serious and scary stuff to think about.

- Mike.
First of all if you are a seeming competent person you should be able to pass a drivers test with no difficulty. This should be obvious with all the ingnorant people who somehow managed to pass and are currently on the road as we speak. Now that's frightening.

Another thing that is frightening is the fact that elderly people simply sign a piece of paper, which they likely have difficulty reading, to renew their license. I think that after a certain age a road test should be required. I'd feel a hell of a lot safer; wouldn't you?
Kaisonic wrote:
You should be able to get a small booklet from your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) that contains all of the basic traffic laws, regulations, and proceedings. I simply read the booklet and easily passed my permit test.

Why didnt I think of that, I bought a bunch of manuals. Knowing this, I would have just went to the local DMV.
In Michigan the written test was soo easy. I'm surprised I got a few wrong. All common sense. The road test was easy too, as long as you emphasize all your checking at intersections, etc.
I had my driving permit exam once, and I passed. Then, after 1 year, I applied for my driver's license. ^^ And I got it!

One thing, think like drivers do. You don't have to answer those questions scientifically but practically! Very Happy
I've heard that the driving test in the US in SO EASY compared to in Denmark, where you fail over nothing..

I hope you get through your test =)

I enrolled in a driving school over here in Singapore. They provide trial tests prior to the actual test. The questions in the trial test are highly similar, if not identical to the actual test. It was a breeze through for me.

This little extra service is free for the students of the school. Better off not studying from the theory books. Now, I'm left with the actual driving lessons.
Code of Ruin
When a car tire blows out you should indeed hold the wheel hard. That's the first thing you should do. Then go to the hard shoulder and reduce speed gradually, you don't want anybody ending up in your trunk because you break like a maniac. I don't know what the tests are like where you live but good luck with yours. Exclamation
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