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I just realised that my hobby is singing at karaoke! Very Happy
Does anyone else, besides me, love going to sing at karaokes? lol
I go like every Saturday to sing my lungs off. Seriously, if you havent, you should go and try it with all your friends. Moreso if you're stressed or depressed. I used to go nearly everyday when I had exams to release all my anxiety and stress. Laughing
I enjoy it too, but it isn't easy to find a good place around here (FL) to do it. Most of the bars that have it on the weekends are real dives. There was a place that I went to every Sat. for a while, but they stopped.
Ahh I see. It's like the most easiest place to find for a Korean. And since I'm Korean, well, it's really easy. lol. I live in Sydney and there are about twenty five different independant "norae" rooms (or singing rooms/karaoke) so yuh.. Very Happy
I'm too shy/ nervous to do anything in public... I sing a lot... in privacy of my bathroom... Cool
I love it. I have my own system on my computer.
ah never did a real kareoke session before...
But when I'm playing a song I usually sing the lyrics
Karaoke have been part of Filipino culture. Geez.. Its like, occasions like birthdays will never be complete without karaoke. Razz
Haha! Karaoke rocks! and you find karaoke bars everywhere here...well..considering this is where it was invented! haha.
I like Karioke! I tried it at my youth group once, and I found out that I do a wicked Elvis Presly impersonation Very Happy
I like Karaoke. But the only place nearby with Karaoke is drunkyard scumm bar, worse than in Secret of monkey island Very Happy

But we did alot of Karaoke during new year's eve with my friends. And I like just singing aroung. Today I was copying Frank Sinatra with me friend and singing in the rain Razz People were looking around strangely, but... oh well, who cares Very Happy
Karaok is very popular entertainment in asia, but it seems does not accept by the markets of European and American countries.

so let's do a survey, anybody who like Karaok pls tell us where are you from?

I am from China.
I love it too! I could sing for an hour Very Happy
I always go there when i go back to Hong Kong in summer since there aren't any good Chinese songs in Canada for you.
I go there almost every week!
hahaha! karoke... I find it funny, that's all. I enjoy it a little bit I guess...

Karaok is very popular entertainment in asia, but it seems does not accept by the markets of European and American countries.

so let's do a survey, anybody who like Karaok pls tell us where are you from?

I am from China which explains that I like it, but I live in Canada now so that explains why I don't practice it or enjoy it that much...
yeah...... karaoke. every weeks at least once a time. go with friends. if singing at home, tat's not fun. even singing at karaoke is more wasting money but more fun. many songs can selected compare with the songs at home. haha.
My wife spends hours most nights singing karaoke on the internet in chat rooms. She has a rather large fan club following her. It's a bit weird I think. That said she is rather good, and I am one of her fans.
Hi, I am from Hong Kong. I sing karaoke at the karaoke rooms every two weeks. It's interesting to share different karaoke culture here. Let me tell you about the karaoke culture in Hong Kong.
Firstly, the shops contain lots of rooms (different sizes, the capacity ranges from 1-60 people) that with sofas, tv, and micophones.
secondary, you must have the lunch set and the dinner set with you. Or some happy hours set with you. You can't go and sing only.
Thirdly, you can smoke in the room (although I never)
Forthly, song with different language (Englsih, Chinese, Japanese, French, etc)
Lastly, there are secuirty camera in the room to monitor your behavior.

How about the culture in foreign countries?
I was SO into karaoke when I was stationed in Korea, but that was a long time ago. It was so established there, with bars that had private, comfortable booths, great song selections, and (usually) excellent sound systems.

Regrettably, I haven't done much karaoke singing since returning to the States. I wish it had the same following here as it did there. It's a great way to spend an evening!
Oh my g...

I have to be honestly:
I can't stand karaoke!!!

Just the thought of it....

Aaaaahrrrgghhh... NOooo!!
In Australia, all the Kareoke bars hav multi-languages, esp, canto since most of the bars get their business from Honkies. And all the Karoeke bars are in the suburbs where the honkies (our slang for Hong Kong People) hang out. So our culture here is similar to yours.

I don't know any kareoke bars which require you to order a lunch or dinner set. But you can eat or drink inside the rooms - we usally have a beer or chips or something.

Oh and btw, Kareoke rocks but the videos are so lame and all the bars I go to don't have the current songs T.T

I took my Vanuatu friend to kareoke and she loved it. She didn't know any 'current' songs so she kept on singing the old Mariah Carey songs and celline dion which was ok but can be kind of a drag. She told me there weren't any business of that kind in Vanuatu (even though a lot of chinese people live there). Kareoke will really take off in that country cos I know pplz there realy love to sing.
I lived in London for a some years ago. And they have a lot of karaoke-pubs there....I didn't sing so many times, but it was a lot of fun. And so mush fun to listen to all the others. I remember that it always was a lot of people from Asia there...
Singing Karaoke is one of many best way to release the stress.. Laughing I love it too.
i love to sing karaoke... when im bored i turn the karaoke on and sing aloud...
Karaoke Is sooooooooo Much fun! If you are the type that likes it a lot, and has a PS2 or an Xbox, there is Karaoke Revolution! you can sing to songs that are from a vast variety. There is "Karaoke Revolution", "Karaoke Revolution Volume 2", "Karaoke Revolution Volume 3", and "Karaoke Revolution Party".

Personally my favorite would be.....
Karoke Revolution Volume 3= 1st favorite
Karoke Revolution=2nd favorite
Karoke Revolution Party=3rd favorite
Karoke Revolution Volume 2= Least Favorite

I would give it 5 out of 5 stars for everything......
You can get new characters and new outfits for them
You can unlock new songs
You can select locations in where YOU sing
You can select the difficulty of the song
You can compete with a friend
You can do melodies with friends for SOME of them
You can find out if you are a good singer or a bad singer
You can Have FUN!

So if you are the Karaoke type like me and have a PS2 or an Xbox I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU get Karoke Revolution

IT is sooooooo much cooler than just Karoke

Rachel Very Happy Smile Razz
Karoke is so much fun Laughing
Nologico wrote:
I'm too shy/ nervous to do anything in public... I sing a lot... in privacy of my bathroom... Cool

Lol! Me too!
I only sing at my room, bathroom, or when the people are gone. Laughing
I love it, have a machine at home and on the pc since there is nowhere close by to do it.
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