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Flash not working on Firefox

I've never been able to view Flash sites on Firefox I have the latest flashplayer, so that's not the problem. I've unchecked obj tabs on Adblock, and I've disabled Adblock all together, so that's not the problem.

I've been combing through Google for an hour, and I haven't seen anything that matches my scenario yet. Hopefully it's not some other security app blocking Flash, because I can't imagine how I'll ever find. Sad

Has anyone else had this problem? Please tell me there's an easy way just to turn Flash on.
Looking at the code, all I see is the Object tag, not the Embed tag. I'd write the problem off to that, except I'm pretty sure the person who sent me the link is using Firefox. Is there any chance that Firefox for Mac read Object, but Firefox for PC doesn't?
Make sure you have version 8 flash player, cuz that can screw you...
I just reinstalled the latest version of Flash just to make sure, and still no dice viewing the site. I'm not sure the tags are the only problem. I'm unable to view other major Flash sites which should be keeping in mind multiple browsers. Sad

In regard to the Flash plug-in: it runs automatically when I click on it. I don't get a chance to specify any folder. I do see "Mozilla" go by on the installation progress bar, though.

I'm not just concerned about fixing this. I'd like to figure out whether this is a common problem. That influences my decision to use Flash on my own sites.
Just bumping because I haven't solved the problem.

No one seems to be able to help on MozillaZine, either. It does look like other people are unable to view Flash sites.
Ok - I solved my problem by downloading Flashblock. That gives me a button which allows me to launch the Flash sites.

However, I want to know how widespread "can't view Flash" issues are in Firefox. This really has me reconsidering the wisdom of using Flash at all.
I am a web-designer/programmer and i would never reccomend flash for a real site. It is too limited and should only be used for animations and multimedia.
When I had a corporate job a couple of years ago, Macromedia was pushing "rich media" sites really hard. That wave of PR is still out there, and decision-makers who "aren't technical" are still approving big Flash sites.

I think I should put together some elevator speech to justify why this is a bad idea. It would really help to be able to find out if there are a lot of people just getting a blank page like I did.
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