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Quantum Computing

This could make for some good discussion, so I think I'll bring it up. Anyone know anything about quantum computing? I'm no physicist and in fact have not even entered High School, so I don't know entirely too much on the subject, but from this article, I gather that quantum computing is the way of the future. This time REALLY the way of the future, unlike the many crappy web services claiming to be.

Anyway, I think it is all quite interesting. From what little I can gather with my little prior knowledge, a Qubit (the quantum computing equivalent of a bit) can, like a bit, be either 1 or 0 (here is the awesome part) eight different times. And when you increase the number of Qubits, the number of data that can be help increases exponentially according to 2^L where L is the Qubits.

I'm not entirely sure of that second paragraph, but nevertheless, you should all read the aforementioned article. You should especially read that article if you are one of those people who is hopeful of a rumored GooOS or something like that.
Yea, they've made some pretty amazing advancements. I'm gonna guess that nanotubes are gonna extend the life of silicon though.
I read a very good article on this subject a while back and started doing a lot of my own research (ill look around and see if i can find that old article from last year that i read...i think it was in popular science so if anyone wants to research it look into

Anyway, I found that it isn't actually THAT far off in the future and that the speed of the only currently running quantum computer (if you can even call it that since all it has successfully done is transport a small data file from one location to another through light beams) has the ability to run at something like 2000x what our current processor speeds run at. And whats more is that since it transfered data VIA light beams on fiber obtic cable (i could be wrong, but i believe that was how it was done, forgive me and correct me if i am) there is no chance of melting wires, and shorting out the system is going to be a thing of the least in theory.

But yes, this is a very interesting subject, and im sure i will return once i have dug up all my old research data.
I first read about it in Popular Science but didn't really read much of the article and wouldn't have understood it if I did, since I had never even heard of quantum physics. Actually it was kind of funny, I was reading Tom Clancy's Net Force, I think the third one, and the antagonist had developed a way to make quantum computers useable in practicle situations and used it to do uber things that would take millions of years for the current computers to do. I recalled the Popular Science article and was like "Holy crap, I wonder when I'll be able to get me one of those!"

Apparently within the next 10 years according to some "experts" Laughing
Neat article! I had read something about this before, and I think they are having problems transmitting information through teleporation. They can transfer the data (like one bit), but it appears in a rotated state, which makes it difficult to decode.

I'm not sure if that's the same thing as this, but I think they are trying to utilize it somehow.
If your interested in learning more about quantum physics try picking up a book called "Taking the Quantum Leap" by Fred Alan Wolf. It explains physics from Newton to Hawking and beyond. Its a very good read that makes you think a little but also eases you into the concept of quantum physics so that you can more easily grasp this confusing subject. Once you read this book, you will probably have a basic understanding of quantum physics and you can go then and read the more complex books that go more into the theory.
i have red they are have very good progress. i even saw a professor who made a calculator, but just with dna. so they can alter the dna and let it calculate. i think this subject is very interesting. i like seeing what the future is bringing us. i am even studieing for this kind of things like programming microprocessors, and biochips.
Laughing DNA? This is all about light.

Organics and Quantum Computing are very different..

If Quantum Computing ever becomes mainstream, it will completely revolutionize computing. Like TheGeek said also, computing data could be sent through fiber optics-- this means we could have THOUSANDS of mindless workstations all plugged into one central quantum CPU. Each computer workstation would easily be faster and much cheaper than a standard computer. I think Quantum Computing may be in our future, but like the PPU, it all depends on how it is implemented...
I've recently gotten interested in quantum computing. I think a quantum computer can be in a 1, 0, or both state unlike current computers which are only 1, or 0. It makes things much more complex!
hey I hadn't seen this thread (probably coz its in the wrong section...Hardware)....I know a little about this topic and you can find my post in the Science and Nature section at

Hope you find it useful
adding to what psyco said above, maybe that is what google is waiting for in the future so they can release the google OS. They were thinking of making it a centrally located singular CPU or multiple server like CPU's that are all connected on the web and then homes instead of having CPU's that have theyre own hard drives. There would be like a work station that just accesses the central system and runs off that and they buy big corporate licenses to programs so that the individual user just gets that sorta stuff in the package when they get their OS access.
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