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Need Help with Nero

Hi all,

I am using Nero 6 and I am trying to print to a DVD from the cover design can anyone tell me how to change the settings so that the DVD will print.

I have done it before but when my cp failed and I had to reinstall everything I lost it and I cant seem to get it to print properly onto a cd/dvd.

I have even tried to make a new paper stock but can't seem to work out what measurments go in so that it prints properly onto the CD/DVD.

There are templates already in there but The inner circle demensions are wrong and I don't know how to change them.

If anyone can help I really would appreciate it.

Not exactly sure what you're saying, but uninstalling then reinstalling the program might help. (remember to save the files you want to keep)
I only use nero for burning discs i seldom if at al use the other apps budnled with it.

If i read you post correctly, you're trying to make labels.

try to download templates from this site.

scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the CD section

i hope this helps
Hi Ezekiel_rage,

Thanks for that but no its not what I was looking for. I have templates in the nero cover design I need to find out how to change the inner diameter so that it prints all the cd/dvd and not leave a large ring in the centre. I know that there is away but I just can't remember how it was done.

I could make a new paper stock but I need the dimensions for the paper stock so that it prints correctly on the cd/dvd.


I also have Nero 6 but the german version. I can change the "Papierprofil" ("Paperprofile") at the top of the window and select for example "@trac 2015 XL (A4)" and then have a bigger disc with a smaller inner diameter.
The profiles are included in the icon list "View".

I cannot change this profiles but I can create my own one with the menu "Datei/Papierprofile...". I should be something like "File/Paperprofile..." in English.

I hope this helps.
Hi Poppitz,

Thanks for that and yes I can create a new papersource but I don't know the proper dimensions to put into it for the inner and outter dimensions and the x and y values at the bottom and this is where I am having difficulty with it printing properly.

Do you know these dimensions for a standard dvd.

Thanks Gail
Hi Gail,

do you want to print on normal paper or on special "DVD labeling paper". If you do not use such a labeling paper the x and y position do not matter. I can't tell you the dimensions of a DVD at the moment but if you have one at home you can measure it off.

If you use special paper that is not in the list you maybe find a paper source import file at the manufacturer's site or on nero's site or even the required dimensions.
Hi poppiz,

Thanks for that, I am trying to print onto a DVD via my cannon printer but without these demensions it seems to print only partly onto the DVD.

I try to adjust the x and y and was getting it better but gave up in the end cause it still wouldn't work properly.

I have looked for a paper source template but couldn't find one.

Hi Gail,

now I understand that you want to print on the DVD directly and not on paper. I am sorry but I do not have any experience with such devices.

I have googled a bit and found 2 possible solutions:

1. Here is a profile that's made for a canon printer but I don't know if it will also work for yours

2. Use Canon's CD-LabelPrint which you should have got with your printer. You can create the image with any graphic editor and then use it as background in CD-LabelPrint.

Hope this solves your problem.
Hi Poppitz,

Thanks for the link I will check it out tomorrow.

I know that I can print with the cd label print with cannon but it doesn't allow you to change the inner diameter enough to print the whole DVD the smallest dimensions you can go still leaves an inner circle that is not printed.

Thanks for your help and I will check out that link

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