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Big pictures

My graphics on the websita are very big. My logo takes 107 MB, one button takes 5 KB and all buttons take 50 KB. All the graphics take 170 KB. It's too much isn't it? How to reduce the size of the graphics, how to make them to not to take so much of size, I use *.png extension of the graphics and I see that they're so big because I used gradient. I made all the graphisc in Gimp. What size should my graphics have? What is the size of your graphisc whan you make them? What program do you use to make graphisc for the site? What extension do you use?
I am no expert. But you can use jpg format images instead of png .

For conversion tools you can check at

You can find a lot of them
107 mb for only a logo?WOW i haven't heard a logo size as big as your.But i think you should use small pixels imean you can use less quality logo.It doesn't matter it seems only...
I think he meant to say that he had a logo of 107 kb and not 107 mb. ( I could be wrong though Very Happy )

My advice to you is to try different extensions and find which one has a close enough quality and space that you need. Personally I like gif but its your choice.

Png extensions are also good. But different extensions are good for different things. Just try them for yourself and decide. Pm me if you need something.
107 KB, of course.Logo, I mean this:

I didn't use *.jpg because jpg has very bad quality, *.png is much better for websites.

I write websites in shockwave (Actionscript) that aren't that big! I'll bet not many visitors will hang around long enough to load them.

But that's just my opinion.
only comes up as 101kb for me. Oh yeah go jpg even at 100% quality its only 63kb and at 80% just under 20kb
Well, other than converting the file from .png to something else (such as gif or jpg), I'm not really sure. If you can use GIMP to reduce the quality and such, you might try that.
Ok, now I know. When I exported my logo to *.jpg it's size is only 65 KB (on maximum quality) and it will be less with some compression. I noticed that I don't lose any quality in jpg with small compression so I will use that
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