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How many hours do you spend on games each day?

How many hours do you spend on games each day?
0 - 2 hours
 38%  [ 29 ]
2 - 7 hours
 42%  [ 32 ]
+7 hours
 11%  [ 9 ]
Others (please explain at your thread)
 7%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 76

Post how long you play for, we can then see how long we averagely play games for each day Wink
2-4 hours on weekdays because I don't have much time left after work, but since I don't have a television, I can still manage to game for sometime.
7-8 hours on weekends, again because I don't have a television.

An average game takes me about a week to finish.
That makes it about 4 games each month.
Just about enough for me to keep up with the most popular game titles.

Averaging them out, I vote for 2-7 hours daily.
maybe 3 hours
I spend 7-->10 hours each day gor my favourit game: MU Online ^_^. How about you?
2/3 hours when I play cs: source, some days I dont even play any games, just getting old lol. Laughing
2-5 hours per day, and maybe 5-10 hours on holiday
When I grab my hands on good game then I play it whole day long, 10-15h. On the other side sometimes i don't have time fot that at all, in that case I choose something like Tetris and thenI don't have problem with time at all! Very Happy
Maka wrote:
2/3 hours when I play cs: source, some days I dont even play any games, just getting old lol. Laughing

I used to be like that.. now i dont't even play anything for lack of time.. but i will get back to CS full strength whenever possible.

My advice to you.. keep up those practice hours or you will end up not playing at all Laughing
Now seriously, don't you guys give up your leisure times. try and keep them so you can relax after a hard days work (at whatever you guys do).
I lost mins and now i'm having a hell of a time to get it back.

Be Well Cool
I'm to busy to spend my free time for a game ...
sio i think it would be at most half of an hour a day at average ... Smile

but it doesn't meant i don't like to play game:)
about 7-9 hours but this is not always to play
1hours per day Surprised
usually an hour or two or if i really get into a game maybe 3-4 hours a day/
I play about 2 hours a day in the week
but in the weekends it can get out of hand:
7 hours Embarassed
Not sure
if I like the game and i got plenty of time
than i may play longer Laughing Cool
I love games but my eyes are bad.
well, in this summer holiday, i often play about ~10+ hours per day...
I have no time to play games I have a lot of works to do . Embarassed
prolly about 2 hours a day
You are sick people =P
so much on game?

I spend on BZFlag about 15 min..
I used to spent more than 12hrs on game. Now don't have much time for game Crying or Very sad
usually i spend 4 hours gaming in a day
Man, i used to be like that, well ok not quite as bad as 7hours a day but still pretty bad but now i hardly game anymore. I would finish the game and feel a complete lack of achievemnet and think i had wasted my time. Gaming is bad for you, but it is so much fun i have to agree:PRazzRazz
less than 2 hours
In the past, I spend 7-->10 hours to play my favourit game.
But now I have to study, hix, so don't have enough time.
Now I spend only 2 or 3 hours for game one day.
I can spend up to 12 hours of continous time on a game without really so much as eating or drinking water... this is the precise reason that I really try to avoid games.
My partner has sim city 4 on his computer and I started playing it last week. What was supposed to be a nice evening of dinner and romance turned out to be me obsessing about this latest Sim City installation. It nearly lead to our divorce Embarassed
So I guess I spend only a few hours a week usually.

it depends on what im doing sometimes im on 10hrs a day and
sometimes im playing games for 5 mins
mostly i spend up 2H
i spend all my day on Counter strike and Nitto1320 so like 16 hours and 8 to sleep Very Happy
I don't play games everyday, but when I do it's usually 1-3 hours.
I play usually around 2-3 hours a day.. depends on wether im workin on some web design crap or not.. games i play are counter strike source, cs 1.6, world of warcraft, battlefield 2, farcry
Matters on the game.I can spend 15 hours on GTA:SA or Morrowind or spend an hour or two on a game like Grand Turismo...
Well i spend more than 12 hrs on comp. games on non-school dyas.. Computer games are actually my passion.. Very Happy
2 - 4 hours I think that is a lost of time but I can't stop.. Smile
2 or less not much!
It varies with me i play as much as i can but i can say i play more than i sleep every day thats sure. There r days that i play more than 20 hrs
Its very rare that i play less than 6 hrs a day.
I play so much because im very happy playe UT2004 its more like a hoby for me than just a game i realy want to become the best there even if i got big lag because my connection suks i still give them a hard time if not owning them. Cool
about 2 hours any more than that and my head hurts lol!
I can spend up to 7 1/2 hours of playing games, but my average game playing time is mmmmmm........... about 4 1/2 . Smile
i spent arround 6-7 hours

I don't play, I have work to do.
3 hours per day for games....
i spend about 6-10 hours per day
for playing some game
but in some day i play about 12-20 hours per day
I spend 2-7 hours playing games.
I think its because i have a clan and we train for matches.
But im not playing every day, i think 4 days in a week because i have to go to school and things to do with my friends.
Check my xfire profile: Wink
Well lets say this, I have played up to 12+ hours on a single game in a row before. also since its summer I play more frequent than I do durring the school year
i spend less than 2 hours normally, but if i get a new game i'll play it for hours till i get stuck, its the best way to play,considering ur gonna get stuck plenty times Smile but if ur up for a marathon we can go 24 hours, why not? but give me a day to charge Wink
^ Im a true game addict cant get of the comp except for hockey and girls
2-7 hours
almost 2 hours.because havn't enough time and using computer is not good for health for a ling time.
I used to spent much time on game. But now i spent less than 2 hours on game.
I rather make games than play games, even though sometimes I do play games just on LAN parties or when I need inspiration.
generally 2 hours is enough for me Smile))))
i gave my 7 days for god of war oh my god.
It depends... some days I can spend 4 hours... some days I won't even play games. Usually depends on my mood.
i spend about 2 - 7 hours per day
i spend about 2 - 7 hours per day
i spend average 4 hours a day on the compy playing games mostly. its kinda sad i know. but since school is out and i work at night the whole day is free and most of the time tv is boring and theres no one around to hang out with. but about everynight i play an rts with one of my freinds over the internet

Rolling Eyes
I play 0-2 hours, when i get the chance too. Games are fun, but not important.

By the way, for you guys taht play around 7 or more hours a day, i have a bit of advice...

GO OUTSIDE!!! Meet people, find someone to enjoy being with, make babies. DO SOMETHING!! Games aren't everything, there's so much more to do with your life.

*sighs* Ok I'm done...
I spend about 1 hour doing my school work and browsing the Internet for 1 hour. When there's a large project to be done, I would use the computer for more than 7 hours.
I'm playing 10 hours.
2 - 7 hrs.
Like 2-5 on school days, and 3-7 on weekends.
The most game-time goes to MMORPGS or some new game i bought, but thats not often, low on cash Very Happy
my mum do not allow me to play a lot!!
it is a pity
1-2 hours. I try to do other stuff instead of just playing video games.

Often I play at the NDS, portable, so I can play everywhere ;D
0~2hour... no have much time to play now.. gonna work~ Sad
It depends. I can spend up to 12 hours to play game in one day when I was free especially during weekend. Sometimes, I don't even play for days when I was busy. Wink
I always try to vary my activities after work and not game too hard but if the Mario Kart DS isn't calling to me CS Source is and Battlefield 2 and Animal Crossing WW and Civilization IV and.... My brain hurts with all the voices.... Crying or Very sad
gaming is one thing that is catching up all over the world.

It is now a leading profession where people can spend their LIVES palying comp games yet earn well.

I go from 7 hrs a day to not even playin at all. It is pretty cool, once you get addicted....., Once that happens, IT is 14 hrs a day on holidays and 2 hrs on working days if time permits.
well, 0-2 hours. i feel that I'm growing up and I just can't have the time to play anymore. What i want to do now is study and be productive. Razz
about 3-4 hrs... like pes
I have decreased the time to 5 hours a week!
20 - 30mins a day (: Seriously not enough!
Cool A full day
3 hours or so.

akhil26 wrote:
Cool A full day

24 hours, huh. It must have been hard to train yourself to play on audio clues while you sleep, or do you just prop your eyes open and affix the TV/comp to the roof?
Nameless wrote:
24 hours, huh. It must have been hard to train yourself to play on audio clues while you sleep, or do you just prop your eyes open and affix the TV/comp to the roof?

Hmm, I thought if you slept in game it would restore your energy in real life? What, technology hasn't gotten that advanced. Damn. (Jokes)

It varies how I'm feeling, but 3 or more hours a day seems reasonable.
I used to be able to put more than three, but for whatever reason I can't get into games like before. Maybe I just haven't played anything good in a while. So for me, maybe one or two.
Steam says: ...too damn many. Well it's not always like that. But I've had a binge over the past week due passing my exam with flying colours and not feeling like doing anything productive just yet.
I voted for other because it really depends.
If I have a good game and enough time I can play for 12 hours and more a day - no problem. I finished Assassin's Creed 2 in 5 days or so (apart from collecting all feathers). And anyone who played it knows that it's a long game^^
Usually I don't play for days and weeks, I prefer watching a movie or read something.
On average, I would say that I'm probably playing on average 3-4 hours a night. It depends on the game, what is going on, etc. Lately, Spore and Civilization III have been sucking me into the computer for most of the time. I really enjoy playing all the custom adventures people have made with Spore Galactic Adventures, and Civ3 is just a fun game to invest time with and see where you can go. I had to cancel my first Civ3 game, because I thought it would have been cool to go up against 16 other civilizations on a huge map. Turned out horrible, because I was the smallest civilization with no room to expand, and my fight against America didn't go well. So now, I started over with a new civilization and have 4 other opponents that the computer has chosen at random.
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