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File Hub / Image Hub :: A Reliable New File Hosting Service

Here is the link.. An alternative place to host your files ^^..

File extensions allowed: zip|rar|gz|jar|apz|ace|btn|tar|7z|kgb|exe|flv|swf|js|png|jpg|gif|au|avi|mpg|wav|wma|mp4|mov|pdf|txt|ico|raw|rft|wpd|wps|asf|asx|qt|ap|bat|vb|ws|sea|uue

Easy Upload Client:

File Host
1) 25 MB Upload Limit
2) Unlimited downloads..
3) File Deleted After 30 Days Of Inactivity

Image Hub
1) 2MB Upload Limit
2) Direct link
3) Specialized for Images
4) No Expiry
Sorry If i am intrusive

But can you give me one good reason why i should use your upload site(offering only 5 mb) instead of other sites with better offers and have no clearance on sundays
it would be ok, if files didnt expire every sunday.

honestly, that is pretty awful, there are much better upload sites out there with bigger files limits and a better and different expiry system.
Its just an alternative.. Caz there are no ads, no waiting time and unlimited downloads..

Btw, this is just a small site ^^.. If I host this, I will make it like 100mb limit and 4 weeks expiry.. Also this 5MB is just a start lol and I will see how it goes..

As for the expiry.. I will see how much space have the uploaded files took up.. If it almost reaches the limit by sunday, I will delete all the uploaded file otherwise I will not delete and files will be extended over for another week.
This site isn't hosted on frihost right??? cuz if it is yr going to have to take it down before you get kicked.
warallthetm wrote:
This site isn't hosted on frihost right??? cuz if it is yr going to have to take it down before you get kicked.

I guess there isn't any rule to advertise my site lol in Advertise your website section. And if so, I would have been warned about 6 months ago..

Well I am jsut basically advertising my site thats all Wink

Btw guys.. I wont be clearing files for this week.. Caz I just started yesterday lol..

EDIT*: I changed the file max uplaod limit to 10Mb
Guys.. I have both good and bad news for

The good news is that we expanded and have both an image host and filehost on diff servers.. =D
Here is the details of the image host..

Image Host
1) 1 MB Upload Limit
2) No ads..
3) No waiting time..
4) Unlimited downloads..
5) File expires at the end of each month*
File expirys' will be extended for 2 weeks if quota does not exceed 50%..

The bad news is that old files hosted are being deleted due to the transfer.
Mr Smith
This is a bit like buying "Instant" petrol for your car that goes off in two days...

But we need to stay constructive, so I would actually say good job on getting this all setup, and you should attempt to have the files to not be deleted every so often, as that would be a major turn back for oncomers when they have such programs as imageshack or photobucket.
Yea.. I know.. But the expiry date will simply be extended by 2 mro weeks if the total quota used has exceeded 50%..

Maybe as the time goes by, I will see how it goes.. Then I will extend it to maybe 2 months Razz..
Actually there would be no problem in uploading to your site..

But as mr smith rightly pointed out, when free hosts like imageshack exist people wouldn't unnecessarily be bothered to post on your site and find it deleted

What I'd suggest is that you delete a file after a certain time of inactivity >2weeks

So that files that are seriously meant to be shared will not get affected
Hmm.. Ok.. Btw.. Sorry about not being able to upload.. I misconfigured my site.. But its fixed now..

EDIT*: I added a new Easy Upload Client..
Download at
Sorry for double posting.. I have increased the maximum file size to 50MB.. Enjoy..
oh cool man
Hey guys.. I have Good and Bad News for you guys :S..

First of all.. I bought a domain name.. check out
Yipee^^.. Easy to remember domain name..
I have also renamed my file host to file hub..

The bad news is I have merged my Image Host and File host together.. So you can upload almost any extensions into file hub..

Admins or mods.. Please change the thread title of the file host to file hub.. Thanks..
sveet. Do you need any moderators/maintenece for the site. I would be more than glad to help. Remeber to keep the advertisemtns on the small site, and no pop-ups, thats what drive people away from big services like megaupload and rapidshare
Thanks.. As you can see.. There are currently no popups =P.. And no waiting time or queue time Smile..
yay, a good file host!!!!!
I think it's not the best, but it is pretty nice, cause you could you use so fast. In my opinian is th best if you know the craks for it Exclamation
Yea.. I didn't say that it was the best.. But is good.. Caz there is totally no waiting time and queue and popups..

EDIT*: I removed the file expiry.. Check site for details..
Sorry for double posting.. but.. check out my new system.. And please place your comments.. Thanks..
I dont like that file types are limted. If you took off all banned filetypes, Then alot of people would use you cuz most hosts bann certian filez
EDIT: If your worried about viruses being uploaded, check out . Its great, and all you have to do is block webpage filez so they cant execute scripts
Hmm.. perhaps you would like to share what file types you expect?
.exe .flv .swf .js .png .jpg .gif .au .avi .mpg .wav .wma .mp4 .mov .pdf .txt .ico .raw .rft .wpd .wps .asf .asx .qt .ap .bat .vb .ws .sea .uue

There we go! Very Happy Very Happy
Haha.. Ok.. My site can host these.. I added em.. Enjoy :p.. I do hope I get more visitors Razz
Very Happy your my new filehost
hehe.. Thanks.. I hope more people will try out my file hosting.. Anyway.. Please leave your comments here :p
EDIT*: File expiry increased to 30 days of incativity
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