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Iowa City Tornado

My college town just got hit by a tornado. I've never personally seen such damage in my life. It's rediculous and sad. Parts of Iowa Avenue are torn to shreds with houses inhabitted mainly by college students ripped in pieces and scattered across the street, cars demolished--even flipped over, huge trees uprooted, and junk everywhere. Powerlines, signs, and stop lights are down all over the place. I have never seen so many people outdoors in shock over what just happened. Anyhow, look at this--it doesn't even tell that much of the story; I can't believe what I've seen tonight:

I admit the photo album I posted on my own site is pretty ugly, but It shows more than the one photo you can find elsewhere on the web so far.

Maybe stuff like this happens every day...I don't know, but I've never seen such a thing.[/url]
I have heard it said that a tornado is the finger of god. Considering the random damage that's happens that phrase may just be true.
My heart always goes out to victims of natural disasters because I could not even begin to imagine how painful it must be to lose everything you have ever owned, or worse a loved one. In my opinion tornados are one of the cruelest disasters because they strike without warning and with such fury. Crying or Very sad
That is what I love about where I live in pa. There is little to be afraid about. We have rain storms and snow storms but nothing bad. No earthquakes little blizzards and hurracains. No tornados. Just one nice spot to live. We get what we need to get by. We dont' have big forrest fires or nothing like that. Don't live close enough to an ocean to get tsumanies (sp?) or anything like that.
It's not like a hurricane, although its effects are simular. A good hurricane is just strong enough to knock over every billboard and sign in the state. It's very nice, actually. No advertizements or road rules. Unfortunately they cause tornados.
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