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Bloodeath studios

Okay i know i know

this is a cheezy team request form...
but i need some serious help
okay i have 3 or more questions to ask

1. can you guys see my sig? pic?

okay that one was off subject but anyways

is there any possible way anyone with some relitivly good Modelling or texturing /// animation skills willing to join me to help me create my game....

i need some moddelers for some models to help spruce up my game
i need textures to uv map them and get everything in order

the requirements

1. all work must be free
2. must be somewhat good at it... i.e. modelling you need to be able to do just basic modelling
3. textures need to be able to do 512 uv maps
4. animators... just need to rig if i get any characters done... they need to be rigged to fpsc standard animations

if you meet these requirements specially the free part.
i would like you to join me in my game creation quest!
to bring all indie game developers with some skill together

if you are somthing else that i could use


film makers that are able to make real life cutscenes from scary abandoned places *with a little to no budget*

All i ask of texturers is to send me or post here
a 512 by 512 texture you have done in the past...

if you have a unique skill that you think could help Bloodeath studios then post how you can help or want to help post it here or email me at

remember this is all done in spare time so no money will be rewarded
except the experience you will need if you want to get into this type of career

the rewards if you do help me

get demo rights
mailed version of game on cd *free for you*
name in credits
my soul *jk*
and what ever i can think of thats not money
I dont think I can really help, but I would like to tell you something. Remember that the scariest thing is suspense. I have played a few horror games and the scariest of all was a 2d adventure game called 5 days a stranger. The only reason it was scary was because of the dialog and tense nature of the people. Blood and guts do not always make a scary game or movie. Thats just my feelings. Smile
thats why im in need storyboarists two
taken by the low responds

does no one have a skill they can offer to help me with?

I have decided instead of

many many cutscenese

I NEED VOICE ACTORS!!!! in know how retard it sounds but i need voice actors to pretray speaker system and voice chatter...

So if your above the age of 18 or you have a good voice and is around the age of 16+ then its cool just say here you can help with that or email me...its really needed to hurry the production along...
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