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Which brand is better?

I'm looking to buy a new notebook (hopefully Vista compatible) but I'm confused as to what to get. I used to think Vaios were like, the best, but i've heared lately they have been sub-par. A Dell would be too generic, I think and isn't Vista compatible stock. Then I've heard HP's are also crap. Alienwares are too pricey and definitely not worth it.

So, what kind of notebook should I get?
I have a Toshiba and it runs amazing. My dad has a new IBM Thinkpad though, and it is the best laptop I have ever seen. I would research it more, but I think the Thinkpad is the best option.
If you don't like the Sony go for a Toshiba.

A little expensive, but worth it.
Toshibas come highly recommended at the moment.

I'd keep away from Sony at the moment as at the best they are overpriced and at the worst they are an abomination of a company who enjoy installing rootkits on peoples machines without permission.

Also, at this point I wouldn't bother trying to find anything Vista compatible. It's still a good few years until that thing will even likely see release and hardware changes an awful lot in that time.
Make sure the laptop has a discrete graphics card, instead of integrated. This should increase the chances you will be able to run the Aero Glass interface in Vista. although, it might cost a bit more.
i would recommend a thinkpad. although they are costly, its worth every penny you pay..
I would have to reccomend a Toshiba laptop from several standpoints. I work as a computer technitian during the day, and I can tell you that the Toshiba laptops are the most technitian-friendly of the bunch. And we see more HP and Compaq laptops than anything else, so the durability is there, too. Not only are they durable and easily-repaired, they are not subject to the f***ing with the operating system that HP does to their machines. (the mysterious HP update syndrome)

If you do purchase a laptop, please visit my site below and click the "contact info" link if you would consider writing a review.
Toshiba is the way to go but i have seen a few Dell laptops of late that are quite reasonable.
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