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Post Your Neatest Vacation Photo

I thought of this at random, but it should be interesting.

I was looking through some of my digital camera photos and was looking at the ones when I went to Tennessee and North Carolina (The Great Smoky Mountains, very pretty place). This has to be the greatest photo I've ever taken when I was on vacation, when I was in North Carolina. This is near the border of Tennessee, and I think it's a park that's set up to be used for visitors, but not for much function of being used to harvest corn. North Carolina is such of a pretty state, from what I've seen.

If anyone would like to see more, I'd be more than willing to post more of this area from what I took. (I took another one like this that has me in it, to show how tall I am compared to the corn). Razz

I liked this photo so much that I set it as a background image on my laptop computer, very striking place indeed.

Post your brilliant vacation photos. Smile

- Mike.

My best friend ever Kate.

Her family is uberrich, so they paid for my WHOLE TRIP! to Virginia for 3 weeks. THey paid for my plane ticket, food housing....everything. And her whole family is really rich so when we stayed with THEM! We got to stay in the Cavalier, the most expensive hotel in Virginia Beach, an 8 bedroom 2 story plantation house on the Cheasapeake Bay for...3 days...

It was lovely.

Theres the house

And theres the little girl that handed out beer X P
Wow! Nice photos and that description makes me want to go there izcool..

PS: I would like to know, using what, you get such high res photos?

@CrookeBlaze: How old is your friend Kate? Wink

The little girl looks cute Very Happy
The little girl that handed out bear reminds me of when i was little. Both sound like fun.

That is a picture i took when i went to florida. I love that picture. Very Happy

I like that one too. It shows how pretty florida is.
Kate is 17. And she just shaved her head x.x

We were best friends in Arizona, but since I moved out to San Diego I havn't seen her in months.

And to get high res pictures, you just gotta play with the settings of you camera and/or photoshop. (Adobe 7.0 is da bomb, man.)
At the time I didn't have my own digital camera. My mother got a digital camera from my step-dad (her husband now) as a birthday present a few years ago. It's some Kodak camera that I used to take that with, I forget the model.

Presently, I have my own Kodak digital camera (it's almost identical to my mom's one, almost same specifications, just the case is designed a little different) and mine is a Kodak C300. I bought that one at Circuit City for about $100.00. Unbelievable deal.

If you liked that one so much, here's a few more that I took on the same trip (same area) :

This is me and my sister (I'm the one in the blue shirt, obviously) in front of the sign entering the Great Smoky Mountains. What follows below (and the one above) is where all of the ones on here are taken at.

On the side of the road, we stopped at a thing to take photos at. This is a stream that runs through the mountains somehow. At the time that we went, it rained (not on this day), so when it did, the ground turned completely red, which I'm assuming is from the dirt and rock.

This is way up high in the mountains. They call it the "Smoky Mountains" because you're as just as high as the clouds. (That's why you see all of the fog in this photo, with others that follow too).

Another similar photo of what was before this one, but up much higher.

Gotta love this photo, we're standing on the state borders !! (Me on the left, my sister in the back, with my step-dad on the right). I've always wanted to jump from one state to another. Fun, fun, fun.

By the time this photo here was taken, we were into North Carolina and stopped at a tourist place and took photos (as you can see, the other people walking). The corn stalks that I posted first are seen way in the background from this spot.

Looking at the mountains in the distance with the corn and some shacks.

Some smaller garden that was in there.

(As you can tell, I skipped quite a lot, I skipped over the ones that weren't as interesting).

Enjoy. Smile I hope you go there, it's really pretty.

- Mike.
wow izcool you go to some interesting places. I wish i went to them places. Have fun hope to see some more pics soon from you Very Happy
The only other place that I've been to and documented with digital camera photos is Michigan (I've been there several times). For the first time, last year, we went up to Mackinac Island (the "UP", or Upper Peninsula of Michigan), got some photos, but they're not as good as the ones for my vacation to North Carolina / Tennessee. I didn't own my own camera back then, but now that I do, I'll get better and better at this kind of stuff. One thing that I didn't have then and have now is a laptop, where it has a SD card reader and I can download to and load directly to see how good or bad they are (Dell Inspiron 6000). This year should be a lot better for vacation photos. The only good one from my Michigan photos would be this one here :

I believe this one is Lake Michigan.

- Mike.
The lake is so beautiful. Very Happy I hope to go there some time. Also go to colorado. I hope to travell a lot. I enjoy seeing new sites. My favorite trip was to alleghy PA. I just love nature. It is so beautiful.
WOW! The photos are amazing, especially North Carolina ones.

Guess i must visit the US sometime..

I really do love nature, especially mountains and serenity(which I never get here)

@izcool: You do look really different without your hat.

I heard that aspen, colorado was a nice place too Wink
PH! After some more digging, I found some more really neat ones:

Arches Nat'l Park (Moab, Utah)

Levitt Lake ontop og Sonora Pass (HIGH Sierra Nevadas)

I will have to vist there some time. It seems really nice. Another one of my spots to vist is Las Vegas and the hover damn. I have some pics of when my mom and dad went.

Blaster - killer pictures! When I was there I forgot the ****** camera. x.x

I'm probably going to the East Coast again this summer - I just LOVE IT over there. My friends are from Gerogia so I'm going to spend a new days there, then go to the Carolinas where my other friend is, then Richmond where my moms friend who raised me lives, then on probably to Virginia to visit Kate then to Mayland to visit Kate's relatives with her. Then fly back out from Baltimore.

I gotta get around before I go to Norway next year.

(What relevance does this have to the topic? None.)
You sould stop at my house when you are over up by baltimore. Just a couple hours away. Very Happy

Yea sucks you forgot the camara. I still want to see it (my parents took them.) Looks fun to ride a bike down though Razz

Dude, biking up and down Lombard Street (Crookedest street in the world) in San Francisco (I was BORN AND RAISED THERE!) is fin.

I do that every time I go back to visit Dad. People think I'm crazy, but I'm a cross country runner anyway and a horseback rider - it's easy for me.

AH! I loved Baltimore. And Virginia. I just love the East Coast. But that airport is confusing. There's like, 400 million exists and the road just goes around town...
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