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Show Off Your Back Yard

Hey everyone,

I've taken in a part of this topic at another forum a long time ago, so I thought I would bring it here and start it.

This is what my back yard looks like. It's actually interjoined with other back yards (some have fences, but most don't, my house does, but it's not visible in this photo, my house is immediately to the right of this photo, before the red bushes, that's my next door neighbor).

My dad lives in the city (Chicago) and his back yard is quite small. Mine is nothing special, it slops down into what you're seeing here, like most of what you're seeing with my neighbor's yards. I live far north near the Wisconsin border, in a newer town. This is a huge drainage system that's used in the one part of my sub community as it floods. I have photos from a few years ago when this was all full of water after several rains.

So, umm, show off your back yard. Smile

- Mike.
amazing how much land and spaces you have there in the US... I'm jelous...
I don't have a back yard Razz
I can show you the view from my window Very Happy
(sorry about my webcam quality)

ME too jealous. Man look at the open space he has. Lucky
Amazing backyard ! I dont have something like that ! Beautiful !
Man I would luv to come to ur house for 2-3 days or months or years or for my life time. Man sell ur house to me.
S3nd K3ys
Here's my back yard in San Diego, Ca.

i like your backyard s3nd k3ys
S3nd K3ys
Motoracer380 wrote:
i like your backyard s3nd k3ys


You can't see it (because it wasn't there when these picts were taken), but there's a dirt track back there now for me and my sons. I'm hoping that Google and/or Teraserver update their sattellite photos soon, cuz you'll be able to see most of it, (at least where it's not under the Oak Trees)

It's nice not having neighbors real close. I can shoot my guns, cross bow, compound bow, ride my quads, have big parties. All without worrying about offending the people around me.
Nice back yard you've got there, S3nd K3ys. I suppose your children love to play there. Very Happy

There's my yard on a good day, haha. Razz
i like the screen shot( i can see the screen door) .... nice porch
Subsonic Sound
Ooh! I can win this one! :p
That one needs to be zoomed in on, or scrolled sideways... it's a panoramic image. Smile
Subsonic Sound wrote:
Ooh! I can win this one! :p
That one needs to be zoomed in on, or scrolled sideways... it's a panoramic image. Smile

Great yard. Very Happy I wish I had the space where you would live, I would find use for ALL of it.

- Mike.
Subsonic Sound
We own out past the fence to the row of trees, but beyond the fence we let it out to a farmer for grazing. Much easier way to keep the grass short, and we do still have access for anything that doesn't disturb his stock.
WELL this has only taken 6 times of trying to get this internet page notto close




Rocket infront of Window Rock. It was RIGHT! infront of my house.

Ecofriendly weed whacker

I still cannot believe he stayed IN the chainlink fence.

He hung out and cleaned the hay we just moved. He actually stayed out of the road.

San Diego:

Nice pictures all !
I dont have a backyard actually to show you people here.

Anyway crookedblaze, is it possible to post a close up or a larger image of the san diego photos?

@Subsonic Sound

I really do love england, dont know why??

And that backyard just increased it. Very Happy
Yah. Let me get the superhuge ones X P

Tadaaaa! And some more I found after further digging through Deviantart.
Subsonic Sound wrote:
Ooh! I can win this one! :p
That one needs to be zoomed in on, or scrolled sideways... it's a panoramic image. Smile

Wow that looks really really nice. I wish i had a back yard like yours. It looks so nice. Just the view. You do win. Nice dog too. Very Happy
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