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Games on the lession table in Denmark

Recently in Denmark, some got "GAMES" on their lesson table.

Reports says, that the schools now got into their mid that games is good for learning stuff, and the kids come asking for extra home work.

My school don't got it, but i think that them as goes in 5 or /and 6 grade should have the possiblity for it.

I was self verry good at english at that time, possibly because im a computer freak, haha

But in 9. grade, i dont think it schould be, and that is because, we allready got alot of english, alot use a computer at home, even to play on it (yea some don't, that's not my porb.)

and, i have been on 5 schools, and in each class have the class been missing some stuff.

and with the exsame, will games and programming in scholl just be waste of time as will make C (6) on every ones exsame paper... that's a bad thing later on.

Games might be good for sociality, reactions, tactics thninking and a lot more.

but, we could also just use a half year on learning basic assembly language. so can we make programs, as well as we can crack a game and make a no-cd exe file (you might just also find one on the net instead of reading 1426 pages and learn them on a half year)

that stuff would possibly be more related to us in 9 and 10.
(it will come in high school if you need this in your study, but it would maybe not be it all as you get)

What do you think about this?

and how do you think, that this will effect the kids future.
would we maybe get more programers?
or will they simply just become gameing freaks.

OR maybe this won't effect them at all?

Shall they stop this, or shall we keep useing it?

Write what you think/fell/want

maybe some more good and bad points of this.
come on, somebody gota have something to say?
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