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Look at the best cities in the world to go to


Naturally, Australia has 3 top ones. Surprisingly, Switzerland has the top two.
It does say "Best cities to live in", which aren't necessarily the best to go to Wink That said, I can agree with Copenhagen being no. 11. Wouldn't want to move. Smile But that aside, they're missing some kind of "cultural/things-to-do/entertainment factor" here. Although I guess that would be hard to be objective about, to me it's an important part of "quality of life", and it's a major part of my love for Copenhagen - and cities like Rome, Barcelona, Prague or Dublin for that matter.

Most of the cities in the top are rather boring on that account. I much prefer Berlin to any of the German cities in the top 10. Geneva and Zurich have probably the most limited cultural profile, and night life for that matter, in Europe (no offense to those who live there, but I'd be bored out of my skull). Smile

Also worth noting that a lot of these cities are also on the top 20 list of most expensive to live in... Zurich, Geneva, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Sydney...
Vancouver is really very beautiful, and pretty nice to live in too since the crime rate is decent, there's stuff to do etc. I'm shocked that Victoria didn't beat it though.

Tokyo I imagine got so low because of the population, because I can't think of any other reason - that city is wonderful in all other respects.

This can't be accurate though, it depends on what you hope for when you move somewhere. It has to be looking at what someone trying to raise a family would want, and few other aspects.
for me Switzerland is the best country in the whole world. Know why? Maybe beceause of their law, maybe of high-paid jobs etc.
on the other hand the worst is Poland Sad i know it, because i have bad luck - im from poland (unfortunately)....
mrwojtas wrote:
on the other hand the worst is Poland Sad i know it, because i have bad luck - im from poland (unfortunately)....

Where in Poland, mrwojtas? Ever been to Kraków? Some friends and I are considering going there soon, since last time we had some (let's just call it) bad experiences while in Szczecin, and all the young people (under 40) we met adviced us to go to Kraków, since Szczecin was "a **** town"...

It really seems to me, that all Polish people I meet tend to think low of their country. Sad Is it the unemployment? Or what?
For clarification, these statistics answer this question: "What is the city where the least people are being poor, being murdered, dying early because of a cough, being taxed excessively, getting road rage, or getting no schooling?"

And as a basis for this they use statistics. (Remember the great truth: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.")
I don't see how Honolulu and San Fran are the best cities to live in in the United States. And as far as the weather goes, San Diego has the best weather of any place I've been in my life.
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