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My lyrics

I have written some lyrics, and i would like to hear someone else's opinions Razz

This is the latest, and my favorite at the moment:

She's Broken
She's waiting...
Waiting for the thoughts,
waiting for the dreams,
running from the pain,
and running from the screams...

She's broken...
Broken by the pain,
broken by the sorrow,
broken by the thoughts
of no tomorrow

All the things she had to take,
all the things that made her break,
all the pain she doesn't need,
all the pain that made her bleed,
She's broken

She's waiting,
waiting for a life,
waiting for a place,
waiting for the new,
waiting to erase...

She's broken...
Broken by her mind
Broken by her choice,
Broken by this feeling
Broken by the voice

All the sh** she seemed to take,
all the sh** that makes her break,
All the pain she doesn't need,
all the sh** that made her bleed,
She's broken. she's broken!

Sits and waits, she's all alone,
Fighting on, she's on her own,
She needs help, but no one knows,
Scared of secrets to expose,
Scared of feelings, scared of pain,
Scared of going so insane,
Her life's wrong, it's all gone wrong,
"This is not where i belong!"

She's fighting...
fighting for the life she needs,
fighting for the life she wants,
fighting to stay clear of pain,
fighting not to go insane,
she's broken...

All the things she had to take,
all the things that made her break,
all the pain she doesn't need,
all the pain that made her bleed,
She's broken, broken inside,
she's broken... broken...

And another recent one:
Be The One
I wonder if it's all too late,
Go back and get my head straight.
Go back and try to change my fate,
I wonder if it can be great.

Change my life and make it good,
Do all these things i really should,
Make sure that i am understood,
You could help me, i know you would.
Be the one now please my friend,
The one who gives me no end,
Make sure i am not pretending,
Make sure my life's not ending.
Be the one.

I wonder what i could do,
Will my dreams ever come true,
At least i know where i'm going to,
I couldn't do without you.

You help me going through it all.
Make sure i am standing tall,
Make sure that i'm not gonna fall,
Help me when i start to crawl.

Be the one now please my dear,
Be the one who's always near,
Help me when my head is clearing,
Make sure i'm never dissapearing.
Be the one.
Yeah the one.
I take your hand,
I start to understand,
About the world, the life, and all it's
Now you've changed me,
Rearranged me.
Changed my world, my life, and all my
stories. stories. (Stories)

Be the one now please my love.
Together, we will fly above.
Help me fly, when in the sky,
When i cry my eyes will dry.
Be the one now darling.
Be the one for me yeah,
Be the one, yeah be the one.

Take my hand, anywhere.
I'm free of sh** i used to bear,
Now we're here, and i swear.
Call my name, and i'll be there.

i censored the bad words, i don't want to look bad Razz

i have more, maybe i'll post more later.
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